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General Rules
Unforumzed is a message board with a large variety of topics and people. Most members found their way here through @forumz, and many come for Tori Amos news in our Tori Amos forum. Take a look around -- you'll find that we have a large gay and lesbian community and lots of liberal-leaning debate.

For more information on how to use this forum, please check out the FAQ at the top of the page.

The general rules for the public areas of Unforumzed include:

  • Do not post download links for officially-released content including, but not limited to, albums, singles, movies, or television shows. If official sources have made these items available, you may link to those websites only (for instance, if a record company streams a single or album). You may also use the Soundcloud tags here on the forum to share Soundcloud files in threads.
  • Do not post graphic images in reputation messages (dots).
  • Spamming is not accepted. At all. Spamming users should be reported so that they may be banned.
  • Death wishes and virulent flames should be kept to Other Interesting Topics and The Money Pit (our unmoderated premium area).
  • Hate speech and trolling are not tolerated in any way.
  • Thread titles on the public forum should avoid language that would not be appropriate in a work environment. This kind of thing shows up in your web browser history and we're not looking to get anyone in trouble. This rule does not apply in our unmoderated areas and you browse those from work at your own risk.
  • Images involving nudity are to be posted in The Money Pit only. Any links that are for a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) site should explicitly say so.
  • Commercial threads or threads started specifically to sell something are not allowed unless they are approved by an Admin/Super Moderator. For instance, buy/sell threads are often started for Tori Amos tickets. These types of threads are evaluated on a per-case basis.
  • If you haven't seen Battlestar Galactica, you can't talk about tea on Unforumzed.

Who is in charge?:
Administrators and Super Moderators. For a list, please click here.

What if I am having a problem?:
We are here to help! You have two options.

  1. Report a Post. If you see a spammer or a post that violates the rules in some way, use the Report Post feature. Look for the yield sign containing an exclamation point under the poster's name and avatar. That will send a note to the moderating team to let us know that something is up.
  2. Private Message. If you are having a problem with a user, take it to Private Message first. We try not to get involved in personal disputes but if there is something you are not comfortable dealing with on your own, contact a Super Moderator.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!