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Thread: 10 Least Favorite Songs

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    Maybe California (Satan wrote this song. He collaborated with Hitler, I heard.)
    You Can Bring Your Dog (pls stop)
    500 Miles (500 miles from being acceptable)
    Dolphin Song (Smuuuf liek ah dulfin!)
    Big Wheel (Fremdscham-Faktor: 10/10)
    Mr. Bad Man (silly and boring at the same time)
    Dragon (never understood why it is so loved)
    Posse Bonus (pls keep your extray)
    Ribbons Undone (if Xanax addiction and diabetes mellitus had a child)
    Not Dying Today (2nd song Satan wrote for Tori)
    Smokey Joe (actually the only good song on ADP but her pronunciation ruins it)
    Teenage Hustling ( )

    Honorable mentions: That Guy, Hoochie Woman, Bouncing Off Clouds, China, Cars and Guitars

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    Quote Originally Posted by waitressboy View Post
    Not the Red Baron (I know, unpopular opinion, but I still can't see why people like it)
    Just no

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    London, UK
    Cars and Guitars
    Girl Disappearing
    500 Miles
    Wild Way
    Elfen Mare
    Ribbons Undone
    Oscar's Theme
    Not Dying Today

    Nothing incredibly surprising.

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    Job's Coffin
    Cactus Practice
    Teenage Hustling
    Giant's Rolling Pin
    A Silent Night With You
    Not Dying Today
    Barons of Suburbia
    That's What I Like Mick
    Your Ghost

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    Portland, OR
    Not Dying Today
    Barons of Suburbia
    Secret Spell ( I do not understand the love for this song. Hate it.)
    500 Miles
    Posse Bonus
    Giant's Rolling Pin (If she had made this a very short song, one verse, one chorus, it would have worked, but it doesn't know when to end)
    Cactus Practice
    Beauty of Speed (don't understand the love for this either, and the "past a shooting star' line makes me think of Reading Rainbow)
    Hoochie Woman
    Ribbons Undone
    All I want to be is the very best machine I can be.

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