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Thread: Tori Amos Forum: Info and FAQs

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    Tori Amos Forum: Info and FAQs

    [This is a work in progress. I'm on nights and need to bit of time to properly put everything together. If it seems familiar it's cuz I've sorta kinda plagerized Ebby's work from the Kate forum!]
    Greetings and salutations! Welcome to the Tori Amos forum

    This thread is here for the purpose of giving newbies useful information about the forum and Tori Amos. Any questions? Feel free to ask, we're glad to help!

    So, who is Tori Amos?

    So, who is this Fori I keep hearing about?
    Let's not go there...

    What albums does she have out?

    The albums, along with their commonly used acronyms, and links to their discussion threads here:
    Little Earthquakes (LE) 1992
    Under the Pink (UTP) 1994
    Boys for Pele (BFP) 1996
    From the Choirgirl Hotel (FTCGH) 1998
    To Venus and Back (TVaB) 1999
    Strange Little Girls (SLG) 2001
    Scarlet's Walk (SW) 2003
    Scarlet's Hidden Treasures (SHT) 2004 [part of WTSF]
    The Beekeeper (TBK) 2005
    Americal Doll Posse (ADP) 2007
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin (2009)
    Midwinter Graces (MWG) 2009
    Night of Hunters (NoH) 2011
    Unrepentant Geraldines (UG) 2014
    Tales of a Librarian (TOAL) (Atlantic compilation album)
    A Piano (2006) 5 disc set containing remasters and unreleased tracks.
    Gold Dust Orchestral re-recordings and reworkings of a selection of her back catalogue.
    Also, there is Y Kant Tori Read (YKTR)

    She also wrote the music for a musical called The Light Princess which debuted at the National Theatre in London in 2013.
    What about video collections?

    There are a few official collections of Tori videos out -
    Little Earthquakes video
    Concert for RAINN (1997) video
    The Complete Videos Collection video
    Fade to Red DVD video collection
    Welcome to Sunny Florida (2004) DVD
    Live at Montreux 91/92 (2009) DVD
    Live at the Artist's Den (2010) DVD

    There has been plenty of talk about an ADP tour DVD, which hopefully will see the light of day at some point.

    Okay then, what can I talk about here?

    Anything! Be it Tori, Fori, arm gestures, baby voices, botox (yay) or stunning live performances, whatever you like. There's a live Tori files forum which I'll be sorting out in a few weeks, and plenty of games and polls too. But please consider if your topic would be better suited/of interest to posters in another forum. Going off topic is not a problem as long as it's not in an effort to troll threads.

    Please note that it is not allowed to post an image involving nudity. We have The Money Pit section on the forum, in which anything porn related can be addressed, but in terms of the general board, viewable by everyone, it's better to abstain from posting such images.

    We do however have one very important guideline and take it very seriously. We love passionate discussion here and welcome all opinions, but we do not tolerate personal attacks or thread trolling. If you have issues with another poster please put them on ignore and contact a mod, supermod or admin. Thanks.

    The end

    this post should not be credited to Scottish Mike (who has shamelessly stolen Ebby's work(!) ) but it's the culmination of work from years on, as well as posters here on unforumz. (It's still a work in progress and more will be added over the next few days, but any suggestions please PM myself or Rabih.)
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    It seems several posters have not got this quite right. This is a forum for diverse opinions to be shared and make a nice discussion.

    We will not be accepting trolling, personal attacks, replies filled with vicious hatred and most of all, converting a Tori-topic into a personal battle against other posters.

    This is happening in several Tori-related topics, and we have received so many complaints now. We don't want people to leave the forum because of few posters who are playing it the dirty/retarded way.

    We will be issuing warnings if this would help improve the state of the place.

    So again, enjoy the discussions as much as possible, keep them heated as much as you want, as long as you don't attack each other.

    Cheers to all!

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