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Thread: Kala's Photo Thread

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    Icon15 Kala's Photo Thread

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    I don't take a lot of photos of flowers, but it kills me my garden is bare when I go through your blog. Btw, love your photo of the leaves (if six was nine)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wen View Post
    Btw, love your photo of the leaves (if six was nine)
    Thank you! That one, along with two others, is going to be at a local exhibit next month.

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    Smile A few macros for old time's sake


    Inside of my pop's piano.

    A slinky!

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    Good luck with the exhibit Kala... how was the April/May one? I think I asked on one of your flickr photos, but it's not the ideal place for conversation sometimes

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    I sold 6 photographs of the 28 that were displayed. And I met a lot of cool people. I was nervous at first, but ended up having a terrific time.

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    I've admired your flowers for a while now, but Hairbrush and Slinky are really exquisite. Have you only been showing flowers, or have you been showing other objects as well?

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    ^ Thanks Cairn. Have just been displaying the nature & flower images recently, but I may branch out into showing some of the others if there is any interest.

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    Interesting processing on the last one, Kala. I like the minimal tones.

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    1. I don't know where you live that you're just surrounded by thousands of varieties of absolutely gorgeous flowers but I want to go there!!

    2. That slinky picture is so surreal, I just love it!

    As usual, nothing less than spectacular.

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    ^ Thank you

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