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Thread: Healthy eats

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    ^ Oh yes, I went on a bit of a barley and spelt spree this winter, using them in broths and stews, and as a replacement for rice in a risotto. Deliciousness

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    Arriving home late and staying away from unhealthy foods - why is it so hard. I have no trouble eating only vegetables in the morning. I have no trouble eating only fruit during the day. I needed some last-resort defenses that are;
    - Insanely quick to prepare
    - Vegetarian
    - Low on calories
    - High in protein

    This is what I came up with, a hearty one and a sweet, chocolate one.

    Hearty (very Provençal); Cottage cheese (80kcals/100gr) + a can of artichoke hearts (water/salt conserved only) + either tomato tapenade or fresh pesto (+ nuts if i want to add significant calories) (+ thinly sliced fannel if I want) + fresh herbs

    Chocalate; Greek yoghurt 0% fat (50kcals/100gr) + cacao powder + fluid artificial sweetener + vanilla essence (+ some roasted almonds if I want to add calories).
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    I've been a big fish eater for a number years and could go on and on about its health benefits. Had Sablefish tonight, with fresh steamed potatoes, green beans and carrots.

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    This article says that eating well is important, but when you eat is important too. Earlier in the day is better, while eating a big dinner and late night snacks can lead to weight gain and other problems, even if the foods and number of calories is the same. I wasn't sure where to put this, but here you are.

    The Case for a Breakfast Feast

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