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Thread: Shivaree/Ambrosia Parsley Juicy Couture commerical????

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    Shivaree/Ambrosia Parsley Juicy Couture commerical????

    This is bugging me But it sounds exactly like Shivaree or Ambrosia Parsley. I have tried to search for any info on it but I cant find who the singer is. I guess she is working on a solo album so maybe it will be on there. My husband thinks that it could be anybody but I swear it's Ambrosia.

    Anyone else agree?

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    Sorry for the late reply. This is my first time on here.

    I'm happy to inform that IT IS, IN FACT, AMBROSIA PARSLEY SINGING IN THAT COMMERCIAL. The song is called "My World" and it was composed and produced by The Elegant Too (a duo of Chris Maxwell and Phill Hernandez) who have worked with Shivaree since their beginnings.

    Ambrosia Parsley has been working on a solo album (since Shivaree has been separated).
    Ambrosia Parsley said she would be finishing in the studio in January and was hoping for a spring release (but no official release date has been confirmed yet). The song "my world" has NOT been confirmed for her new album but most likely it will appear on it. The only songs that have been confirmed for her new album are "Rubble", "The Waltz", "My Knees" and "Weeping Cherry".

    New information is coming. If you would like to know more and keep up with the latest Ambrosia and Shivaree news please visit my forum (dedicated to Shivaree/Ambrosia). You will find lots of info and download of many rare Shivaree tracks.

    Hope that info helps.

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