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Thread: Twin Peaks

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    3&4 are on demand in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
    i'd be lying if i said i wasn't disappointed. i was kind of expecting it to be totally off-the-wall, but it really didn't feel like twin peaks at all. even FWWM has more of a 'twin peaks' feel that this.
    Yeah, I agree, it often didn't feel like TW - but I saw it as a build up and I expect the second half of this season to focus more on TW as location and storywise.

    I am still confused what to make out of the "timing" - some scenes seemed soooo long and slowed down or a bit draged out
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    I'm glad some fans enjoyed this, but I thought it was flat-out unbearable. Lynch has crawled so far up his own ass by now, he's basically found himself a new Black Lodge.

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    I think for me it was about adjusting my expectations. After Inland Empire i knew Lynch would never return to the glossy, picturesque world of the original series or Blue Velvet. I knew it would be bizarre and full of stuff like the tree with the flesh lump head. But i don't think it's weird for weirdness' sake. It was an introduction after all. It actually reminds me of Mulholland Drive more than anything, especially what the tv show would have been like had it been greenlit.

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    Hmmm. I'm a little bit divided about what I saw.

    Yeah baby
    -The glass box was scary as fuck to me
    -The actors who got killed while fucking in front of the glass box were very intriguing and really felt like characters from the Twin Peaks universe
    -Jennifer Jason Leigh
    -The red head Bad Cooper shoots in the head
    -Love the band footage (and music) at the end of the episodes, really awesome soundtrack so far and perfect atmosphere
    -David Duchovny was awesome

    Not so much
    -Some of the CGI really is surprisingly bad (which appeared to me to be deliberate in some places, and not deliberate in others)
    -Several scenes really overstayed their welcome. Like my dear lord take me already overstayed their welcome
    -The principle's wife in SD was a horrible actress
    -Three of the characters I enjoyed watching the very most are already gone (and maybe four, if JJL does not return)
    -Doesn't feel like Twin Peaks to me. Oddly, I notice this most in scenes that actually take place in the titular town

    -Was the scene with Leland Palmer in the Black Lodge from the original series, because if not, it is CRAZY how little that dude has aged. Like - he hasn't aged AT ALL

    Hoping it gets better from here.

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    Parts 3+4

    The more I watch, the more this seems less like Twin Peaks and more like David Lynch's Final Movie in 18 parts. I'm definitely noticing a lot of call backs to his previous movies. The open to part 3 was pure Eraserhead.

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    I wish that he'd just gone on and made a movie then, or maybe a miniseries. If you cut out the endless pauses, repetitions, and pointless filler, you might get a watchable 2-hour product. Maybe. I think. I'm not sure.

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    episode 4 seemed to get a bit better, especially with the ONE 'classic' TP moment

    there were hints of twin peaks of cooper & the boy at the breakfast table - though that might have had something to do with the jazzy music they were playing (even if that scene did drag on toooo long)

    it just goes to show how important the music was to the "feel" of twin peaks.

    there were times during episode 3+ 4 where i was thinking to myself 'WHY the FUCK am i watching this?' i thought the opening to episode three was something straight out of a nightmare, and brilliant at first, but again, dragged on too long and just turned tooo hokey.


    but i'm still gonna tune in because episode 4 left off on an interesting note.

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    I dunno, Lynch is pretty well known for drawing out scenes. Think about the first half of Lost Highway- It just seems like standard David Lynch to me.

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