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Thread: Twin Peaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by grapefruit_is_winning View Post
    I was in my local record store the other day and ran across a double LP for the score for the new series, and decided to pick it up. As a package it's incredibly well put together, 180 gram vinyl, gatefold style. They did a good job with it. Listening for the first time now. Very grim and ponderous so far, atmospheric (naturally). This is the score, not the soundtrack... great background for a Halloween party! Anyway kinda cool. Glad to have it.
    Cool! I just bought the vinyl for the soundtrack, not the score, and I adore it. And--bonus points--it's red!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherNamedErised View Post
    Is the whole score made up of Angelo Badalamenti compositions?
    Not entirely but pretty close.

    "American Woman (David Lynch Remix) - Muddy Magnolias
    "Windswept (reprise)" - Johnny Jewel
    "Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima" - Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra/ Witold Rowicki
    "Slow 30s Room" - David Lynch & Dean Hurley
    "Saturday (instrumental)" - Chromatics

    Everything else is Badalamenti.

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    Here are some interesting infos / Q&A from Mark Frost on his involvement in TP3:

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    Is this season over yet? I got bored and stopped watching about 12 episodes in lolololol. I'm mostly just interested in meme material now.

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