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Thread: Live Tori Requests

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    I'm looking for possible video (longshot, I know):

    Sacramento 1998, 2003
    Concord, CA 1999, 2005
    San Francisco 2002 (both shows), 2005
    Oakland, CA 2001

    I have some of these in poor audio and it always seems like the shows I go to never get a bootleg, lol.

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    I'm wondering if anyone has the Blood Roses bootleg, compiling early 96 radio/press tour performances.....its something glaringly missing from my collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnothon View Post
    Not sure if there's much call for this, but someone has uploaded the 2009 Durham, NC show to Dime. Was this show out there before now?
    - I've waited over a year for it to magically appear but as I'm not a member on dimeadozen and crap internet, it's near impossible to get. Could some lovely angel help me?

    Oooh I found it on another forum, here.
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    Didn't know where else to ask this, so here goes. Has there ever been a band performance of PW with a harpsichord (or keyboard on harpsichord setting at least), and if so, does anyone have a link to listen/download?

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    There hasn't been, for better or worse. She did Blood Roses and Talula with the band and a harpsichord sample in 2007, but Widow was still on piano. That's still probably the closest performance to the album version + a band though.
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    Hey folks,

    This is a long, LOOOONG shot, but does anyone have any sort of recording from Sheffield 98? It's for a friend of mine

    Also, does anyone have this recording from the radio broadcast? I used to have this saved from diagnosed sounds but seem to have lost it.

    Thanks in advance
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