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Thread: Live Tori Requests

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    Jul 2010
    Rome, Italy
    I'm looking for saratoga springs 2005 in good quality, possibly flac... can somebody help me?
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    I'm looking for The Beekeeper from Istanbul (2005). The boot I have omits it completely.......and i can't find it online anywhere....

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    Oct 2010
    just wanted to know if anyone has ever heard of a complete boot of VH1 Storytellers (the full show not just what aired). i know one exists for Unplugged, but i've never heard of one for storytellers. anyone?

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    I'm looking for possible video (longshot, I know):

    Sacramento 1998, 2003
    Concord, CA 1999, 2005
    San Francisco 2002 (both shows), 2005
    Oakland, CA 2001

    I have some of these in poor audio and it always seems like the shows I go to never get a bootleg, lol.

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    I'm wondering if anyone has the Blood Roses bootleg, compiling early 96 radio/press tour performances.....its something glaringly missing from my collection
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