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Thread: General fitness - goals, gripes, inspirations. Bring it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kala View Post
    Three months to the day I started this diet and so far I have lost 44 pounds! I have another 76 pounds to go. I will post again when I reach my half-way mark. 120 pounds is a hell of a lot of weight to lose but I am sticking with this even if it takes me a year.
    Congratulations, this is great!

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    Okay, so... weightwatchers has adjusted their program to have more zero-point food on their list.
    It confuses me greatly, because it contains ALL of the foods I usually use to get to my daily total;
    - eggs
    - all fish and seafood
    - many types of chicken & turkey
    - all types of low and non-fat yoghurt
    - all carbohydrate-rich vegetables! Such as all types of beans (including chickpeas), aubergine, zucchini, etc.

    Mainly track food to keep away from the alcohol, but still, the current program really makes it seem like I'm on a continuous crash-diet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Markness View Post
    (Also, I have a crush on Daniel. And his ass).
    Not alone man! That guy has it in spades.
    Gotta start a 4 or 6 week Monday. Been a long winter.

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