So, the group I've been rehearsing with for an upcoming performance has been next-to-impossible to deal with for months. The director, who is an old teacher of mine, has been presenting this project as a work-in-progress in various iterations for several years now. I've been involved in most versions at times, and have done assistant work (for free, obvs.) even when I wasn't available to actually act. In recent months, I was brought in, originally as an extra cast member and later on as a replacement for someone else. The response was mixed from the get-go. The rest of the group seem divided as to whether I'm there to replace them as well, and various insecurities have surfaced, even though I explained from the start that I was just doing what I was told. In any case, recent developments have been especially stressful. I never get notified for anything, there are constant shake-ups, changes and replacements happening on a daily basis, I've actually been recast several times, I was originally told that I would have additional rehearsal time to perfect certain routines but it has not been the case, I turn up for rehearsals only to discover that I'll be working on different material with different people, etc. The show has been rescheduled on several occasions, and at this point, I'm just turning up without knowing when and if we'll actually go on the stage. Just yesterday, I received a group message on FB, where I was told that the venue we were supposed to appear in cancelled on us, and apparently we now have different dates and times to work in a new theatre, which the rest of the group already knew. I responded saying "I wish that I'd known about the change earlier, I'll do my best to make it work".

I woke up this morning to sixteen text messages from the director, which amounted to a tirade of abuse about my paranoid behaviour. It's been a lot of fun.