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Thread: The All-Inclusive Madonna Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleeptheclock View Post
    She's gained weight.
    This part makes me a little uncomfortable. It's not an observation that I've read anywhere else, but even if accurate, I'm wary of trying to assess the state-of-mind of a person based on perceived weight gain...particularly given her level of physical fitness, as compared to the average American 60 year old.

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    It's not a big deal that she's gained some weight, but it is obvious now. Most people would secretly kill for her 60-yr-old frame even if they publicly shame it for not looking like the norm.

    Perhaps she's just bored of being the "pop icon"? I think she seems to be happiest when she's either doing philanthropy work or just being a mom and posting boring mom-like photos of her kids on Instagram, which if not carefully handled can get out of hand (such as the earlier Rocco situation). But all other times when she posts a selfie, she just looks vacant and hollow, and the fact that the photos are so heavily (and terribly) filtered doesn't help. Her insecurity levels are at their all-time high, and teaming up with the likes of Kim Kardashian only makes it worse.

    I wonder if she has done away with PR, because having an active publicist right now would curb her impulse control that is fueled by her oversized ego. She doesn't have to go the Beyonce route where everything is pre-calculated to point of coming off as phony, but she needs a middle ground somewhere so that it doesn't hurt her legacy. She pushed so many boundaries for women in music (and with great pop music!) but her current behavior is what will push people away from remembering that. Which is why she needs to work with someone brave enough to say no to her sometimes. I feel for her, but she has the power to change this.

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    The excessive filter use makes me a little sad. I just don't understand what's going on with her self-perception. It was inevitable she would become older. She's had time to get used to the idea. But then I remember that she's probably one of the most photographed women of all time. And one of the most maligned women of all time, especially regarding her appearance.

    What does it do to a person to have their hand enlarged on a tabloid to point out that it looks "claw-like", or to be called Grandma for decades (starting in her 30s!)? I have no idea. I don't even think most celebrities know, just because the scrutiny and vitriol has been so much higher towards Madonna than the average celebrity. It's something very few people can likely understand.

    On one hand it would have been interesting to see her grow old naturally, but who am I to say how she should age? That would have been satisfying for some desire I must have, to see a celebrity age and reassure all the rest of us that it's ok, but she's never catered to public desire. I see from the little aging she has allowed the public to see that she would have been totally shamed for it, especially when she first entered her 40s where we were at a different point societally. Being in that pickle is difficult to imagine. It's like the public wants celebrities to age naturally but also look fabulous while doing it. I find the term "aging gracefully" to just totally suck. It's only said regarding women, and for most of the celebrities it's said about, they've actually had surgery done! It just happens to have taken well to their faces, which is something a surgery patient has little control over. The only thing I wish she would stop is those fillers, but it's her face.
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    Interesting posts, guys!

    I think the 'mistake' she's making, is that she's still trying to cater to a younger audience. While people of 25 and under may know who Madonna is, they don't know the immense impact she's had on the music industry, the entertainment industry and pop culture. I'm not suggesting she becomes a 'legacy' act, performing at festivals alongside other acts from the 80s and 90s who are way past their heyday, but I think there are still plenty of people who still see Madonna as a superstar - most of them are just ages 35 and up. And I would even go as far as in saying the people who still think of Madonna as a superstar don't need her to be very 'now' and 'pop', they would much rather have a really solid album.

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    ^ I think that you touched on something really vital with your reference to the album format. A lot of industry types have argued that it's outdated in recent years, and I just don't think that's true. For many music fans - certainly those predating the millennial generation - albums are still the definitive way to consume and experience music. Even if Rebel Heart was her best effort in a decade, it doesn't really work as a whole, largely because it was written, produced and recorded by hundreds of people (seriously, those liner notes are nightmare-inducing), most of whom were never in the same room together. Madonna really became an albums artist from a certain point onward in her career, as well as the greatest music video artist of all time. Both those art forms are supposed to be dying, but I think that she really ought to stick to her guns and use them anyway. It's always been how she presented herself to the world, and it's what she knows how to do best. She's been active for over 30 years now, and it used to be that you could hear a single song or look at a single picture and be instantly transported to that entire period. Nowadays, her creative and stylistic signature often seems to be missing from the final product, and I feel that it's a real shame sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherNamedErised View Post
    ...Nowadays, her creative and stylistic signature often seems to be missing from the final product, and I feel that it's a real shame sometimes.
    Absolutely. I couldn't agree more.

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