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Thread: The All-Inclusive Madonna Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BettahDevil View Post
    Madge is in the studio with Mirwais and I am 100% here for it!
    Madonna was in the studio with William Orbit for MDNA and that ended up horribly (yes, I even dislike Falling Free; it's awful). Also, it seems like we're once again getting a big number of producers that are all over the place. I may feel a little bit hopeful if Patrick Leonard is announced to be involved, but that's unlikely. Still, I think this next album will be a bit better than Rebel Heart. My guess is that it will at least be more cohesive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VampireTampon View Post
    (yes, I even dislike Falling Free; it's awful)
    Awful? You lost me there.

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    When I think of awful MDNA songs, I think of Girl Gone Wild, I Don't Give A, Superstar and Gimmie All Yur Lovin'.

    (Two of which I just realized were the album's singles.)

    The Orbit songs were the best. Gang Bang, Love Spent, Falling Free, etc.

    Either way, we can't really compare Mirwais to Orbit for a multitude or reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeEP View Post
    Awful? You lost me there.
    Seriously. I think "Falling Free" is really gorgeous. I'd take out "Girl Gone Wild," "Give Me All Your Lovin'" and "Superstar." I don't think "Turn Up the Radio" is great or anything, but it's enjoyable. Everything else I like, even "I Don't Give A."

    My least favorite has to be "Girl Gone Wild." At least "Superstar" has a sweet sentiment.

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