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Thread: Director's Cut & remastered The Red Shoes

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    I was just listening to Director's Cut earlier this morning and thinking that it would make an excellent introduction to Kate's music for a newbie. It's very immediate, emotional, and accessible while still being somewhat experimental, with an extremely diverse set of songs and a more contemporary sound than Kate's older work. Of course you'd have to add a few provisos - such as that you're saving the best for later and that the somewhat muddy sound in places is due to the nature of the album itself (being a mixture of old and new recordings).

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    So I was just listening to my iTunes library in shuffle, and the Director's Cut of Moments of Pleasure came on. God damn if I didn't bawl like a child. Sometimes I wonder if (not to immediately tie her to another female singer-songwriter) this song was kind of like her Both Sides Now; listening to the original, it almost sounds like she's too young to fully embody the sentiment of the lyrics -- to the point of having to create a "moral" of sorts in the original chorus -- whereas she sounds much more comfortable singing the song itself at her (more) current age. Having the humming choir almost nodding assent to her verses in the DC version was a stroke of genius on her part. That, plus the piano-only accompaniment, just puts me in mind of a person sitting alone, thinking of the good times they've had over the years, and it just slays me.

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    I love how bonkers this album's art direction was. It's both an advertisement for Fish People as well as a great tribute to the featured songs themselves.

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    ^ I still wish we could hear an album based around this artwork. Don't get me wrong, I love Director's Cut, but how brilliantly nuts would it have been?
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