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Thread: The International Politics Thread

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    Can someone explain to me wtf is going on in Australia?

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    Ahhhhh. I found a good explainer. I need step by step and something NOT in Aussie slang which might as well not be English.

    Here are the basics. The week began badly for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, a kind of Mitt Romney conservative with a business-friendly schtick and softer progressive views about gay marriage and getting rid of the Queen. (He tried to claim he was like Trump—both supposed political outsiders—but no one bought that for a second, especially after their very testy first phone call.) For months, he’s been facing a revolt from the right wing bits of his conservative governing coalition, aided by radio blowhards and Murdoch’s tabloids.

    Finally, a leader of this rebellious faction emerged, a filthy rich former cop with dead eyes from Queensland, one Peter Dutton, who became famous beyond Australia’s borders for ruthlessly enforcing them. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who had been deposed by Turnbull and not-so patiently waiting for the moment of revenge for being turfed out himself, has had his fingerprints all over this coup.

    Desperate, Turnbull, called the first “spill” (that’s what we Aussies call the party leadership vote, which has the additional resonance of “blood”) earlier this week—and won. But he knew his days were numbered: Dutton resigned from his cabinet and moved to the backbench to whip up more support. Turnbull, appalled by Dutton’s betrayal (and, presumably, his personality), knew that while he couldn’t survive the week, he might still be able to organize a more unifying candidate for the inevitable showdown.

    What about the treasurer? A stocky bloke called Scott “ScoMo” Morrison, who basically looks like the aggregate Australian man of a certain age, was asked to step up for the post with the world’s worst job security. With his last opportunity to deploy some graceful political jiu jitsu, Turnbull didn’t challenge the leadership and called the backlash an “insurgency” and “madness”. The party voted. And in a big loss to the revolutionaries and revenge artists, Dutton lost, and an utterly unexpected Morrison became the country’s 30th Prime Minister—the sixth in just over a decade. Turnbull was the fourth prime minister in a row to be sacked before serving the full three-year term.

    Even Australians are asking, “WTF.”

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    Thanks for this!

    I tried reading up on it on wikipedia earlier but basically stopped at the "the Liberal Party is actually the conservatives" part because wtf.

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    What the fuck is going on in China? An estimated 1million+ Muslims rounded up and put in "indoctrination" camps :

    Residents said people have been sent to the camps for visiting relatives abroad; for possessing books about religion and Uighur culture; and even for wearing a T-shirt with a Muslim crescent. Women are sometimes detained because of transgressions by their husbands or sons.

    One official directive warns people to look for 75 signs of “religious extremism,” including behavior that would be considered unremarkable in other countries: growing a beard as a young man, praying in public places outside mosques or even abruptly trying to give up smoking or drinking.
    And today:
    China’s government is ratcheting up a crackdown on Christian congregations in Beijing and several provinces, destroying crosses, burning bibles, shutting churches and ordering followers to sign papers renouncing their faith, according to pastors and a group that monitors religion in China.

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