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Thread: PJ Harvey miscellany thread

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    There's a bunch of old singles/albums etc on her online store. Prices are strange though - signed prints were available for $30 but the SHLTM 7" is $140, the Rid of Me CD $35, and the cassette $70 something which is ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octopussy View Post
    I honestly hate that politics always come up in PJ Harvey discussions now. I wonder if it's the fact that she's so specific, the bigger message gets lost? All I know is "The Camp" probably shoulda been on the album, and "Dollar Dollar" is absolutely one of the best political songs I've ever heard, like Neil Young or Patti Smith level.
    She is absolutely at that level. If she ever does another interview again, it would be interesting to ask what's the difference between 100 years ago and now in writing political music but of course she's stopped giving interviews.

    The fact that politics arise in discussions of PJ Harvey doesn't really bother me. Nowadays even ambient albums are supposedly political and if you read beyond the referential surface level of a Childish Gambino video you are a racist monstrous shitlord. Needless to say, it's a very fraught line between what is acceptable and what is not, and this makes PJ's "distant observer journalist" approach even more poignant IMO.

    After I posted about "The Camp" I felt really, really bad. Everyone nowdays has a fucking "narrative", including, like, PJ Harvey visiting a refugee camp and scribbled things down in her notebook and then made a song about it with a notable Egyptian songwriter. The world is complicated and full of tragedy and whereas at one moment I resented her song for propagating a myth at another I respect it greatly for being so deeply...humanistic and just...THIS IS WHAT IS RIGHT NOW.

    In any case, even though the Hope Six era may end up being remembered as "less worthy"(except for the live show) I greatly admire the fact she ventured into explicitly contemporary political territory. Her political songs (going back to "Shaker Amer") have made me question my beliefs and assumptions about marginalized people and that's...awesome?
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