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Thread: PJ Harvey miscellany thread

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    Not sure if you guys noticed but for the last year or so Polly has been posting self-curated playlists of her inspirations and stuff she's been listening to on the road. You can check them out on Spotify and Apple Music (there are links on her website if you can't find them). Here are the tracklists:


    The Beatles β€” A Day in the Life
    Nina Simone β€” Feeling Good
    Unloved β€” After Dinner
    Micachu & The Shapes β€” L.A. Poison
    John Jacob Niles β€” I Wonder as I Wander
    Pixies β€” I Bleed
    Michael Nyman β€” War Work: song 6: For Just One Night
    Joan Baez β€” Song in the Blood
    Sunflower Bean β€” Easier Said
    Elliott Smith β€” Pictures of Me
    Ennio Morricone β€” I quattro passeggeri


    George Frideric HΓ€ndel β€” Keyboard suite in D minor (HWV 437): IV. Sarabande
    Robert Wyatt β€” The Age of Self
    Billy Bragg β€” Between the Wars
    Johannes Brahms β€” Chorale preludes op. posth. 122: IV. O Wie Selig Seid Ihr Doch, Ihr Frommen
    Patti Smith Group β€” Ghost Dance
    Bob Dyllan β€” Ballad of a Thin Man
    Billy Bragg & Wilco β€” Eisler on the Go
    Robert Wyatt β€” P.L.A.
    Low β€” No comprende
    Vincent Gallo β€” So Sad
    The Rolling Stones β€” Tops
    Vincent Gallo β€” Honey Bunny


    The Rolling Stones β€” Heaven
    Micachu & The Shapes with London Sinfonietta β€” State of New York
    The Stooges β€” Dirt
    The Rolling Stones β€” I Just Want to See His Face
    Mica Levi β€” Love
    The Rolling Stones β€” Shake Your Hips
    The Rolling Stones β€” Little Red Rooster
    Radiohead β€” In Limbo
    Mica Levi β€” Lonely Void
    Screamin’ Jay Hawkins β€” I Put a Spell on You
    U2 β€” Love Is Blindness


    The Paragons β€” Quiet Place
    The Doors β€” The Crystal Ship
    Adalita β€” The Repairer
    Lost Animal β€” Lose the Baby
    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds β€” I Need You
    Elvis Presley β€” Love Me Tender
    Bob Dylan β€” Simple Twist of Fate
    Kate Bush β€” Army Dreamers
    The Specials β€” Man at C&A
    Bob Dylan β€” Love Sick
    George Frideric HΓ€ndel β€” Chaconne for piano in G major (HWV 435)
    Vincent Gallo β€” Glad to Be Unhappy


    The Pogues β€” Summer in Siam
    The Moody Blues β€” Nights in White Satin
    The Pretenders β€” I Go to Sleep
    The Jam β€” That’s Entertainment
    Bob Dylan β€” Three Angels
    Roy Orbison β€” Crying
    The Fall β€” Janet, Johnny + James
    Greg Sage β€” Straight Ahead
    Greg Sage β€” Seems So Clear
    Jefferson Airplane β€” White Rabbit
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience β€” Spanish Castle Magic
    The Animals β€” Inside Looking Out
    The Staple Singers β€” What You Gonna Do?
    Jackie & The Starlites β€” You Put One Over on Me
    The Pogues β€” The Old Main Drag

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    Wow thanks for posting those!

    Very interesting.
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    I like how she listens to NY songs and bands while in Los Angeles

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    Polly's new song "An Acre of Land" (a cover of a traditional nursery rhyme, it seems) will be featured in Clio Barnard's film Dark River.

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    Paul Muldoon in conversation with PJ Harvey - an hour-long interview, I guess the first and only one from this era.

    She also reads some poetry - Sondheim's "There's Something About a War", Louis MacNeice's "Autobiography", and her own poems "Let England Shake", "The Forest" and "Down by the Water".

    ETA: I can't seem to embed the video, here is the direct link:
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    "PJ Harvey has contributed new music to Dark River, the upcoming thriller movie from director Clio Barnard (The Arbor, The Selfish Giant). Watch a trailer featuring a new song below. In the film, set in rural England, a pair of estranged siblings reunited by their father’s death descend into an inheritance dispute. Ruth Wilson, Mark Stanley, and Sean Bean star. "

    Quote Originally Posted by rubidoux View Post
    Polly's new song "An Acre of Land" (a cover of a traditional nursery rhyme, it seems) will be featured in Clio Barnard's film Dark River.

    oh, that's it. sounds good to me, the bit that can be heard in the movie trailer.
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    Small piece by Vogue I never had read before on her Spice Girls outfit =).
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    Wow, I remember hating her look back then... but now, to think, she indirectly influenced Justin Bieber. She's a genius.

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    I was watching Altered Carbon (Netflix series) last night and they were playing This Wicked Tongue on episode 4.

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    the full song (An Acre Of Land) is here!

    Late last year, the trailer for the new movie Dark River, a new UK thriller from director Clio Barnard, came out, and it featured an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack: PJ Harvey’s version of the traditional English folk song β€œAn Acre Of Land.” Today, Noisey reports that Harvey is teaming up with composer Harry Escott to soundtrack the entire movie. And Harvey has also shared the full studio version of β€œAn Acre Of Land.” It’s a total stunner, stark and mesmerizing, and you can hear it below, via Noisey.
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    ^ Thanks so much for sharing!

    (I can't give you anymore rep or I would)

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    I'm late to this but, I fucking love this song and at the time(2016) disliked "The Camp" because it's so transparently bullshit (as if all immigrants are refugees fleeing imminent death LOL) but it's quickly became one of my favorite PJ Harvey songs: the clarity of her voice, the counterpoint of that Egyptian guy...I love this song so much, despite being completely against all the supposed political viewpoints it stood for at the time. And that's okay, because even though I can see PJ as being an ignorant upper-class white cis-woman naive classist SJW, sorry to say, she makes amazing songs that captures...the dire side of life, even though it's not politically correct or even politically real to acknowledge that there exists a "difference":

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    New P J Harvey - John Parish song available on Spotify:

    It is called "Sorry for your loss" and it will be included in the new Parish album:

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    I honestly hate that politics always come up in PJ Harvey discussions now. I wonder if it's the fact that she's so specific, the bigger message gets lost? All I know is "The Camp" probably shoulda been on the album, and "Dollar Dollar" is absolutely one of the best political songs I've ever heard, like Neil Young or Patti Smith level.

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    I'm a few days late on this, but PJ's store put up a bunch of rare shit for sale (at moderately inflated prices). It's been pretty much cleaned out at this point, though.

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