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Thread: The All-Inclusive Beyonce Thread

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    ^I felt some kind of way about it when you're probably the most influential female artist/singer in the last 20 years (if you include Destiny's Child) and your major issue is Spotify not playing one of your albums.
    I guess you need something to rebel against to have swag but it is a bit much.

    And Jay-Z with the Grammys.. dude, you won your first Grammy in 1999 and your last in 2015. Tori Amos has zero. And rappers are extremely disposable in the grand scheme of music and charting. To still be rapping and selling albums since the 90s when so many other incredible rappers are done after their era is up. And you're really only given about a 5 year window in rap male and female; no longer are viable to labels; have to make their money doing "Legacy Concerts" or Rap Battle Concerts with 3-4 acts on the roster.

    I'm sorry that Tidal isn't working out like you wanted.. but you're career is so beyond massive, you are so without peer in this genre.. I just can't feel sorry.
    Where is Master P, Jarule, Mint Condition, DMX, 2 Chainz, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wheezy, Nas?? All the guys you started out with... Most of them are completely broke.
    And don't even get started with Female rappers that used to be on the Roca Fella Records like Amil who had their careers stolen from them and their future music blacklisted by you.
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