Awww, what's with all the Digital Ghost, Police Me and NDT hate? I love those!

Ok, mine are a little different and might piss people off. This is not reallly 'worst songs' as they are rather 'annoy the crap out of me songs':

In the catagory "Crap, but are entertaining for silly dancing purposes or singing along too loudly, preferably off key"

500 Miles
Harps of Gold
Cars & Guitars

In the catagory "Snoozefest"(/melancholic mess)

Jamaica Inn
Martha' Foolish Ginger
Maybe California

In the catagory "Something about it pisses me off so much I can't listen to it"

Jackie (the 'eh Jackie eh Jackie' part
Josephine (could also be catagorized in "Snoozefest", but it's mosley the drums that piss me off)

there are probably more, but this is offs the top of my head