You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Carey again.

Are we twins? The same here for me. All the way. Except for Rome and all that. CMBYN is now a part of me and every boyfriend has to read it. It's glorious torture. And as I've said before, Futile Devices could've been written for the movie. Maybe he wrote it after reading it? Who knows. Probably not but it just WORKS. And I'll be a blubbering mess in the theatre when that song plays
I guess we are! Yes, Future Devices is perfect. I'll always associate this book with ASF, though, because they both hold the same space in my heart.

So I assume you two also had a similar experience as Elio?
I did. Well, my own experience, different setting and different scenarios but their were parts that were almost exactly that way. I was 16 and he was 23 and it was all so perfect and I was just very lucky that my first ever anything was with someone similar to Oliver. Although it lasted off and on a year an a half.
Sadly no, I never experienced anything like that. My first love's soundtrack was Alanis' Hands Clean, and I was a bit older (18) so...
Still, when I was 16 I craved for something like that. And, years later, it was shocking to see it written on paper so clearly, in a way that just traced the stories I used to make up in my mind.

The first gay-themed book I read, back when I was 17, was "The World Of Normal Boys" by KM Soehnlein. I gave it to my first boyfriend and never got it back, so I barely remember how it was and I'l love to read it again, but it's out print. Then I read Maurice, but I disliked it: I wanted the fairytale, not that raw reality. I should read it again, now that I'm older and I've grown to love Forster's work.