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Thread: Random Tori Chatter (oooilllll spiiiilllllllll)

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    I think the "white horses" font is supposedly her handwriting and it is in the Winter single cd liner? From what I remember anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Octopussy View Post
    I think Scarlet is supposed to be Tori's handwriting!! Speaking of which, there was a Tori's handwriting font circulating for many years called "white horses are still in bed"... I don't think I ever used it because the M had 3 "humps" and it looked weird.
    It's actually Jeffrey Fulvimari's handwriting, who illustrated some artwork for the limited edition of 'Scarlet's Walk', such as the drawing on the back cover and the set of stickers. I believe he also did the illustrations for one of Madonna's children's books. Boy, Tori (and/or her team) used to put so much time, effort and money into the artwork back then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk81 View Post
    The version from her Amsterdam concert (May 29th 2014). She kinda forgot the lyrics at a certain point and launched into a fiery improv with new lyrics. I was going through a hard break-up at that point so the improv felt really connected to what had happened in my own life... it was incredible.
    Absoultely awesome. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iwo1333 View Post
    Absoultely awesome. Thanks!
    Another favourite was this improv right before ''Damage'': It was incredible, I was SO hoping she would play Damage and Twinkle but knew that with her enormous back catalogue, it was highly unlikely that it would happen... and yet she played them both! it was a very deeply personal concert for me - even her cover of ''Frozen'' that made me really pay attention to the lyrics for the first time and all the improvs seemed to be talking directly to me. I've never experienced anything like it before.

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