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Thread: Random Tori Chatter (oooilllll spiiiilllllllll)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mich. View Post
    Recently, NYT posted horrifying, yet beautiful, pictures of the fire in California.
    Here's one of them

    Not only it made me think instinctively about that picture from Native Invader, but also totally gave me the sense of the latter (closed eyes!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octopussy View Post
    If they're already into weird music, then just go for it and show them some videos of RAINN '97

    The Waitress (WOW)

    *Skip Winter and Precious Things with the "wash me clean daddy" stuff which was disturbing and not in a good way
    Relistening to the RAINN version of the Waitress has made me fall in love with the song again. Thank you!
    And I disagree about Precious Things. It’s one of my favourite live Tori moments. Like Juarez live on the piano only. Intensity that only Tori can do
    Robbing the muse...

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