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Thread: Random Tori Chatter (oooilllll spiiiilllllllll)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovecraft View Post
    Many people refer to Unrepentant Geraldines as her comeback but it is Night of Hunters that got the train on its tracks.
    Completely agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimbo Slice View Post
    I just put on NI for the first time in awhile and was thinking the same thing. The songs are good but the production is still horrible. Case in point: it sounded like a metronome was the percussionist during the piano breakdown of Up the Creek. It's so terrible. I want to like this album but the production gets in the way. Please, please, please hire musicians for the next album, Tori, and a producer.
    Yeah, I still just really can't get behind NI because of stuff like this. It's absolutely the best thing she's done in a while but it just never really gets there. Bang could be so good but instead, bleh.

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    I agree NI's instrumentation sucked, but at least it didn't have UG's kazoo.

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    As long as it’s not as stagnant as Matt & Jon sound on pretty much anything post-SHT, I’d welcome musicians again. I like the recent albums as-is though.
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    I think the kazoo was perfectly placed. It made sense where it was - nothing wrong with that. And while I find it strange that the same 'team' could come up with a record as fresh as Choirgirl or Venus, the production on NI doesn't actually ruin any songs for me because the songs themselves are strong enough to carry through.

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