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Thread: NoH News & Information (September 16 Update)

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    NoH News & Information (September 16 Update)

    MOD NOTE: This shall be the topic for all the info on Tori's new album, Night of Hunters. Major announcements will be posted in this first post.

    Night of Hunters is a fourteen-track album with a string quartet, to be released on September 20, 2011

    Outfit designed by Michael van der Ham









    Update May 4: Tori's official website has updated with new pictures, the album title Night of Hunters, a blurb from Tori regarding the album, and a list of tour dates.

    Update May 10: Japan's CD Wow has a tentative release date of September 26

    Update May 11 / June 15: has a tentative US release date of September 20 October 4th for the Deluxe Edition

    Update June 21: Decca/Deutsche Grammophon lists more information regarding the new release in their Release Book 2011 (click here for a link to the full PDF file: 89 pages and 20+ MB). The book says the working title for the project is Restless Night (an early rumor that was thought to be fake) and outlines some of the details regarding the release.

    Click here to see the full-size image from the PDF file.

    Update June 22: The album cover has been revealed by It is posted at the top of this thread.

    Update June 29: Girlie Action website has now a slightly different version of the first promo pic, by Victor de Mello.

    Update July 6: reveals a 14-song tracklist for the album

    Update July 7: String quartet's homepage says that they just recorded with Tori from 20th - 23rd June

    Update July 30: New promo pic has emerged

    Update August 2: Track by track introduction on (now removed from the website)

    Update August 3: New promo pics on (now posted on

    Update August 6: The album's length is 72:18 as confirmed by dollsbitches who got a preview copy.

    Update August 9: The Apollon Musagete Quartet will be touring with Tori as confirmed on their website (concerts page)

    Update August 16: Two full songs, "Nautical Twilight" and "Carry," have been released to Tori's SoundCloud. A dedicated thread has been created for discussion of the clips here.

    Update August 17: Universal Music states that the deluxe edition has a bonus DVD which contains a 13min documentary and 2 music clips (Carry & Nautical Twilight)

    Update August 18: Tori's Facebook page: WATCH the World Premiere of Tori’s new video ‘Carry’ from Night of Hunters, and Unlock a second exclusive track “Shattering Sea’ by SHARING the video!

    Update August 28: Clips available on

    Update September 8: Tori's Facebook page: an exclusive score (confirmed as the sheet music) and the two videos as well as behind scenes footage available when you pre-order the deluxe version of NoH on iTunes US

    Update September 8: 1:30 clips available on iTunes

    Update September 8: confirms dates for South Africa

    Update September 15: Video premiere of Nautical Twilight on

    Update September 15: Full EPK of Night of Hunters posted

    ninja and dollsbitches have had the chance to preview the album and were kind enough to share their views.
    Their thoughts start here for ninja (someone else posted the ninja's info before ninja continued in the rest of the topic) and here for dollsbitches.

    All officially-released interviews and reviews (newspapers, magazines, TV spots, entertainment/music sites & blogs, etc.) will be posted in a dedicated thread, which can be found here.

    Tour Confirmed With the Apollon Musagete Quartet
    Tour dates have been announced for Europe and North America and confirms dates for South Africa
    We have a separate thread in the Tour subforum for all things tour-related.

    From Cine Electric's Twitter:
    Generator & Lighting package on route for Tori Amos album cover and interviews about 18 hours ago via Facebook

    From Tori's Pori interview last July:

    "I've been approached to a do a really different kind of project, it's not announced yet...something fascinating. I've been approached and I've never done something quite exactly like this. I've been developing a musical which will hopefully be happening in 2012, but THIS is very different than that, this is something that *I* would perform. And so it's high concept...very concept-oriented. It's not a traditional contemporary pop record." She says this will likely be her next project, before another traditional album. "This little's very different, it's not pop-driven and that's why I'm fascinated. Sometimes as a composer and a pianist, pop structures can very confining, especially after working on the musical. So fingers crossed that it happens."
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    Tori's on the front page of their site, and they chose quite a random picture. (I didn't know she was doing shows this year)

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    Oh, that's not the front page. I found it in the news archive, it's from last july, when she did the show in Pori and gave that interview.

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    Senior Member Hannah.'s Avatar
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    If there is a new album in the works, please please please make it a piano instrumental record... Tori, that's the only thing I think could redeem you at this point...

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    Piano, yes, instrumental, no thanks. I don't think we'll be getting a new studio album until the late 2012 at the earliest.

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    I don't think it is a new traditional album. I think we might be getting that top-secret conceptual non-pop project she briefly talked about last year. That's the info we got at the time:
    -She was approached to do different kinds of projects that are not announced yet. One of which is a very concept-oriented thing which she cannot talk about yet, and it's not pop-driven.
    -The musical is happening in late Spring 2012 hopefully.
    -A new proper Tori record might come after the musical (late 2012 / early 2013) and no touring for an album before that.

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    - We also she has recorded with the Metropole Orchestra for some sort of release
    - I also just looked up the thread about the fan's bathroom phone call with Tori because I remember something was said there. She said that the project was inspired by her work with the orchestra.

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    Hm - so something is happening in Ireland then?

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    So I wonder if this is something separate to the supposed tour coming in the autumn? Intriguing.

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    Senior Member underwater-thing's Avatar
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    The tour in the autumn is bound to be promotional for whatever this new thing is right?

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    Hm, I assume so, but I don't get all this 'this is something that I would perform' stuff she said. She always performs at her concerts so what's the difference with this one?

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    Maybe its Tori's recordings of the Light Princess songs? That would explain the "I would perform" opposed to the actors etc? Guess we'll be finding out soon enough!

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    ^^Yep, could be that. The suspense is already killing me!

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    Well, if it is The Light Princess, and Winter's Carol is anything to go by..then..great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurplePerson View Post
    The suspense is already killing me!
    If only!

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