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Thread: The All-inclusive Regina Spektor thread

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    ^Genius Next Door, Wallet, Human Of The Year, Man Of A Thousand Faces sound good on the album. But those are all songs she's been performing live for quite some time before the release. Out of the new song I don't really think I'm in love with any of them, except maybe Riot Gear and Sword & The Pen. I am more appalled with what she did with songs we knew as demos. They sound pretty lifeless on the record. She sounds restrained.

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    Thanks. I was going to say some of the last tracks are the strongest.
    But was curious to hear another opinion first.
    Not to be a copy cat, but...
    Genius Next Door
    Human Of The Year
    Man With A Thousand Faces

    I almost always skip Calculation, Folding Chair, Dance Anthem, to name a few.

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    A live CD/DVD will be released on November 22nd!


    From her official site:

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    Maybe for once, someone will call me "Sir" without adding, "You're making a scene."

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    ^Bobbing For Apples for already released on the iTunes Lollapalooza set. And I never thought much of Silly Eye Color Generalizations. But at least we'll get a definitive version of Love, You're a Whore.

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    Great news! Looks like the set list has most of my favorite Regina songs too!

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    Madrid, España.

    Lately, I've been getting more into Regina. Generally, I like her, but I tend to forget she exists. But, oh boy, when I do remember...

    it only takes me catching the glimpse of her name while I'm scrolling through my artists. Then I'm hooked for a few days, and then she goes back to forget-ville.

    ANYWAY, I'm on a Regina high right now. 11:11
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    11:11 is the only Regina album I don't have and can't seem to find it anywhere, where did you guys find it?
    Someone asked earlier if Soviet Kitsch was her best, and I would agree with that.
    When pianos try to be guitars...out of my black and white world

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    I will say her music is consistently confusing. She made three somewhat-endearingly low-fi albums, and since then, it seems as though she hasn't quite totally embraced the pop sensibility she suddenly has the means and influence to tap into. "Begin To Hope", apart from the fact that it does not have the brilliant, heart-wrenching title track on it, seems as though Regina and co. were halfway through production when they decided the songs were fleshed out enough, and Far, with a few notable exceptions, feels somewhat the same. It almost seems as though she feels somewhat indebted to that low-budget sound, and having a full album with unabashed production would somehow betray her roots. I may be in the minority, but I do feel as though some of the songs on Far don't quite go, well, far enough with their production choices. Dance Anthem of the '80s would have been much more successful to me if she had just embraced the genres she was flirting with when she was writing the song, as just an example.

    I would love to hear- with some trepidation, as artists who rerecord their early work tend to disappoint- rerecorded versions of songs from her first three albums. Her vocals in particular tend to sound tinny and overly aggressive on the high end, and the possibility of songs like Braille and Ghost of Corporate Future with a full string section is really quite exciting. And though she has perhaps not brayed like a donkey, she has most certainly lip-trilled her way through melodies (Somedays) and made a pretty striking dolphin impression (Folding Chair).

    As far as comparisons to Kate Bush go, it's the nature of music journalism to compare musicians- particularly of the female singer-songwriter variety- to those who come before, and since Tori Amos seems to be in her Joni-Mitchell-in-her-middle-age period (and is therefore not quite cool enough to be brought up in publication), Kate Bush is again the de facto Fairy Godmother of the quirky piano-playing songstresses. I would chalk that comparison up to lazy journalism more than anything else, to be honest.
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    I guess it's different strokes for different folks. I love a lot of Regina songs and from the boots I've heard she's an entertaining live performer. Far had a few duds for me, but I love a lot of her quirky solo piano stuff and I think Dance Anthem of the 80s is a really fun song.

    She is inconsistent IMO but she really shines sometimes. You may not get a lot of replies from non-fans as usually artist-specific threads are for people who like those artists.

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    i really love all of Regina's work up until Far, which i find incredibly boring and weak. i'm not sure why it doesn't resonate with me, considering how it isn't a far cry from Begin to Hope. it feels under-cooked lyrically and her vocal tics, which i used to find cute and endearing, seem grating on Far. it's been a good while since i've listened to that album. maybe i'll give it another spin soon, see if i'm more receptive state. i haven't listened to any regina in about a year, as i was so disappointed with Far. i do hope Fargina (sounds like a strain of yeast infection) isn't here to stay.
    I don't understand the question, and I won't respond to it.

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    1) "He steps right into somebody's fat loogie and everyone who sees him says 'eeeewww'". I have reason to believe that this is one of the worst lyrics in the history of music.
    Worse then

    Pickles are just pickles
    ingredients: water, salt, cucumbers,
    garlic, and pickling spices

    I run the water very very very hot
    And then I fill the sink to the top with bubbles of soap
    And then I set all the bottle caps I own afloat
    And it's the greatest voyage in the history of plastic
    And then I slip my hands in and start to make waves
    And then I dip my tongue in and take a taste
    It tastes like soap but it doesn't really taste like soap
    And then I lower in my whole mouth and take a gulp

    Coming from anyone else, all of this would grate. But she somehow makes it work-- probably on account of her odd sense of whimsy which (to me) never seems forced. This is all IMO, of course.

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    I love everything by Regina up to Far. Far is mash of poor arrangements for the older songs or poor production choices and new songs that aren't very strong lyrically. (Exceptions being Genius Next Door and Human of The Year). And don't get me started on Laughing With.

    What breaks my heart is the tons of unofficial songs that we will probably never get a decent recording of (c'mon Loveology), or we'll get selected few with contrived vocals and cheesy pop production. And it is/was so easy to release them in digital form in the past years, all she needed was a recording studio and a piano.
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    Maybe its because I never heard some of the songs on Far in their original/live form, but Far is probably my second favorite album by Regina (after Soviet Kitsch). A lot of the songs do sound a bit... similar, but to me it has a good flow. Better than the inconsistency of Begin to Hope IMO.
    And I never got the disdain for Laughing With. It doesn't sounds preachy or anything, IMO, and keeps with a lot of the religious/spiritual imagery of a lot of Far.
    But idk, its much to early for me to be up and forming cohesive thoughts.

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