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Thread: Kate Bush: Info and FAQs

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    Kate Bush: Info and FAQs

    Welcome to the Kate Bush forum!

    This thread is here for the purpose of giving newbies useful information about the forum and Kate Bush. Feel free to ask anything you have on your mind, we are glad to help!

    So, who is this Kate Bush person?

    Kate Bush (Catherine Bush, CBE. Born on 30 July, 1958 in Bexleyheath, Kent) is a British singer-songwriter known for her expressive 3-octave voice, idiosyncratic and literary lyrics, and eclectic and meticulous musical and production style. She has acquired a large number of devoted fans since her debut in 1978 with the surprise hit "Wuthering Heights", which was number one in the British music charts for four weeks. As time passed, her albums have come less and less frequently, but her fans continue to be patient, because they are rewarded with such fine music.


    In her native UK and much of Europe Kate became a household name and (frequently impersonated)part of the 70s and 80s pop scene. Her record of chart success includes:

    14 UK top 20 singles from Wuthering Heights at #1 in 1978 to King of The Mountain at #4 in 2005

    All 10 albums at #6 or above in the UK with just two albums not making the top 3. She has also released a greatest hits album, The Whole Story certified 4x platinum, a compilation box set, This Woman's Work which features her first 6 albums and two discs of bsides, and two live recordings: On Stage Ep from 1979, and Live At Hammersmith Odeon originally just released on home video in 1981, but re-released on CD in 1994.
    - numbers from wikipedia

    What has Kate been up to?

    She's playing live shows. This is not a joke. It's a real thing. We're still all rather a bit in shock about it. There's a whole thread where you can see just how in shock we are.

    At the end of 2012, Kate was awarded a CBE in the Queen's 2013 New Year's Honours list for her services to music. News articles quoted her as saying, "It's a great surprise and I'm really delighted. Thanks to everyone who's encouraged and supported my work over the years.". CBE stands for Commander of the Order of the British Empire, which is the highest honour you can get in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire without actually being Knighted. You can see the official citation on this PDF from the Cabinet Office website.

    Her latest album, "50 Words For Snow" was released on the 21st of November 2011. The album featured Sir Elton John, Andy Fairweather Low and Stephen Fry.

    In 2011 she also released an album called "Directors Cut", where she reworked tracks from The Red Shoes and The Sensual World. There's a whole thread about this release, with far more info. The special edition of the release also contains the original two albums. Clips of the reworked tracks are being uploaded fairly frequently (usually weekly on a Monday) to the official Youtube Channel, and the full video for the lead single off the album, Deeper Understanding, has just been released! The first video from Kate Bush since 2005's "King Of The Mountain".

    In publicity for the "Director's Cut" release, she has mentioned working on new material also, which will be on an upcoming album of new material. There's no other info about that release at this time.

    She wrote a song called Lyra for the soundtrack of the film The Golden Compass, which was released on December 7, 2007. Her most recent album Aerial was released in November 2005, featuring the single King of The Mountain. Reaction to the album was overwhelmingly positive. Kate was nominated for Best Female Solo Act and Best Album for Aerial for the 2006 Brit Awards and various other music awards in Germany and the Netherlands.

    Kate is quite publicity shy. Her commitment to living a normal life allows her to devote time to her son Albert (Bertie), and to her family life. She did make a few personal public appearances in the past few years. She was recognised with the "Best Classic Songwriter" award in the Q awards in 2001, and she appeared in the award ceremony. She talked about her life after the Red Shoes in the December 2001 issue of Q magazine. [this can be linked to here: ]

    For other interviews with Kate go here -

    On May 23rd 2002 Kate also received the Ivor Novello award for Outstanding Contribution To British Music By A Songwriter. Kate also appeared live for the first time in almost 15 years singing Comfortably Numb as David Gilmour's special guest at his Royal Festival Hall concert on January 18th 2002.
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    What albums does she have out?

    The albums, with their commonly used acronyms, and links to their discussion threads here:
    1. The Kick Inside (TKI) 1978
    2. Lionheart (LH) 1978
    3. Never For Ever (NFE) 1980
    4. The Dreaming (TD) 1982
    5. Hounds of Love / The Ninth Wave (HOL/TNW) 1985
      (5b) A remastered version of Hounds Of Love containing b-sides as bonus tracks. 1998
    6. The Sensual World (TSW) 1989
    7. The Red Shoes (TRS) 1993
    8. Aerial 2005
    9. Director's Cut 2011
    10. 50 Words For Snow 2011
    11. The Whole Story - Greatest Hits album (TWS) 1986
    12. 2 discs of b-sides that come with This Woman's Work boxset, a box set containing all of Kate's albums. (TWW) 1990

    EMI has issued plans to re-release the other albums as remastered versions with bonus tracks as well. The original dates for the re-issues have come and gone, however, so there doesn't seem to be any definite news about when (or if) they will surface.

    What album should I get first?
    That is a very good question. See the discussion in this thread: I'm a newbie to Kate's music - which album should I get first?

    What about videos?
    The Kate Bush official youtube channel has been slowly posting all the official videos on youtube in decent quality, finally!

    There are a few official collections of Kate videos out -
    • The Single File
    • The Sensual World
    • The Line, The Cross & The Curve

    Here is a complete videography on You can also find almost all of Kate's videos and live performances on Youtube, or check out this thread where people have been posting their favourite Kate Bush videos.

    Here are some Kate interviews and documentaries of particular interest

    Under Review

    This Woman's Work

    Interview from a 1979 documentary - there's such a striking maturity and confidence from this interview

    Is there a complete list of Kate's b-sides & non-album songs around?


    non-album songs

    The Demos?

    Here's a list, please note that some of them go by two or three different names.
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    Okay then, what can I talk about here?

    Anything! Be it Kate, Tori or whatever you like. But please consider if your topic would be better suited/of interest to posters in another forum. We are off-topic most of the time though.

    We do however have one very important guideline and take it very seriously. We love passionate discussion here and welcome all opinions, but we do not tolerate personal attacks. If you have a serious problem with another poster please put them on ignore and contact a supermod or admin. Thanks

    What about interesting threads?
    Discussion about The Ninth Wave - the second half of the Hounds Of Love album.

    Interesting Articles and Interviews

    Come 2 Cover The Lovers - a thread for all the cover versions of Kate's music you come across and love/hate!

    The Kate Bush YouTube Thread - please post your magical youtube finds in this thread.

    What other Kate resources are there?

    Kate's Official Website. There are now official Twitter and Facebook pages too.

    Kate Bush News & Information - Sean Twomey's excellent and most up-to date Kate information site you could ever ask for!

    Kate Bush Archives - a very comprehensive website that's perhaps the easiest of them all to navigate. An excellent newer addition to the Kate Bush fan-run websites.

    GaffaWeb - This is probably the most comprehensive site on Kate. It's chock-full of fascinating articles, has all the lyrics, and an almost endless selection of Kate pics.

    Cloudbusting With Kate - Now a part of Gaffaweb this has always been an excellent site that is full of Kate interviews and quotes on her music and a variety of subjects!

    Gaffa Sounds - demos and rare Kate tracks on soundcloud.

    Kate in MP3 - Excellent rare and not so rare Kate MP3s

    Kate Bush: The Single File and More - A very good record of all of Kate's singles, including their cover pics, it also includes interesting quizzes and surveys.

    Kate Bush Fanlisting - A wonderful Kate fanlisting site - sign up!

    The end

    this post might be credited to ebby, but it's the culmination of work from years on, as well as posters here on unforumz. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped with this info thread - you are all amazing. All the love, ebby
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    In advance of the upcoming live shows from Kate Bush (how weird it is to type that), please try and keep all the reviews and reactions to this thread for the benefit of those fans who do want to go in without any prior knowledge of the show and not be spoiled and whatnot.

    If after a few shows it seems that it's different every night (which is possibly less likely, right?) then I guess it won't matter so much. But for now, let's try and keep that suspense there.

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