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Thread: What are you watching - the TV edition

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    I've actually started a rewatch very recently too. I never remembered these two things:

    Quote Originally Posted by Crispy View Post
    Rewatching Golden Girls on Hulu. Haven't seen an episode since I was a kid, so a few observations:
    2. Sophia's personality was explained in the pilot as her having a stroke which affected the part of her brain that controlled politeness.
    3. Blanche had a gay housekeeper in the pilot that Sophia called the "fancy man."
    I had no idea they tried to explain Sophia's personality. Also, they got rid of the gay cook in the pilot because the writers realized a lot of the main characters would be interacting in the kitchen and having a cook constantly in there wold be unnecessary. At least that is according to wiki.

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    Anyone start ACS: Versace?

    I adored ACS: OJ. It was one of the best tv shows I've ever seen. I was underwhelmed by Versace. Part of it is that I don't think Cunanan's actor is very good. Like sometimes I just don't believe his performance, can't immerse myself in it, but sometimes too it's not that he's sucking so much as the choices were odd and I didn't enjoy those choices. I don't think the Versace actor was very good. I don't like Penelope Cruz. I did like the police/FBI and Ricky Martin.

    The real life story is very interesting (and I'm glad they didn't go with Katrina because I couldn't watch a national failing of our government right now given our real life circumstances), but the first episode was a swing and a miss for me.

    I don't like how it was shot either. It worked for OJ, but I don't know if I'm just kind of over that 90s videotape feeling it evokes or if they're doing something a little different. Or maybe the HD widescreen viewing of 2018 juxtaposed with mid 90s colors and angles doesn't work for me.

    Also, I started Alias and I'm half a dozen episodes in and boy do I hate it. HATE IT. Should I give up? Does it get better?

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