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Thread: What are you watching - the TV edition

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    Yeah, that elongated scene between Nicole Kidman and the therapist in the most recent Big Little Lies episode was a stunner. Nicole has been my favorite actress for a long time and I'm glad to see her still doing great work.
    "See everything as an illusion, and enjoy it even though you are not of it."
    ~Alanis Morissette, paraphrased

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    Quote Originally Posted by waitressboy View Post
    I came to say exactly the same. I've been watching it for the weekend, and I feel I've been watching this show for a month. The chapters feel like two hours long, the fights are TERRIBLENESS and I don't give a fuck about all the parts about the Rand Company.
    I'm one chapter away to finish the season, just because I feel I'm cheating if I dislike it without watching the whole thing, but man, the show is really bad.
    Oh boy does this show suck. I powered through it because I need to take my mind of things and it felt good to hate something besides Trump.

    It's a mess on every level. One minute I have to crank up the volume because I can't hear it; the next I'm frantically turning it down because it's so loud it hurts my ears. It's so dark in EVEN OUTSIDE IN DAYLIGHT scenes I can't see a damn thing. X-Files dark. The acting is terrible. The story is predictable and terrible. The music sucks. The directing sucks. It could have been maybe a decent movie... maybe... but it's 13 episodes of "Fuck, I have to watch this so I can understand The Defenders." The pacing is off. It's unbelievable. The dialog is stilted.

    I didn't like Luke Cage and while I didn't love Daredevil, S1 was decent and S2 sucked. So this makes three fucking seasons of shows I hated since Jessica Jones was released... and no new JJ seems to be on the horizon except for The Defenders.

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    Just finished The Americans Season 4. It is officially the best show on television. Season 4 might have been the most well-constructed and emotionally intense season they've done. The writing and acting is on fire beat by beat, every damn episode. Also, its themes could not possibly be MORE relevant right now. Capitalism, oligarchy, indoctrination, patriotism, faith, family, etc.

    ETA: If for no other reason, watch it for Keri Russell. There is something almost reptilian (albeit three-dimensional) about her portrayal of Elizabeth, and it's a joy to watch her dig into any scene she's in.
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    "See everything as an illusion, and enjoy it even though you are not of it."
    ~Alanis Morissette, paraphrased

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    "See everything as an illusion, and enjoy it even though you are not of it."
    ~Alanis Morissette, paraphrased

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    Yea. I was really into the Americans for a while. Then it seemed no one was talking about the show.. kinda got bored with it. Then all the sudden this last year it's all anyone is really talking about. Love when that happens.
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