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Thread: What are you watching - the TV edition

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    Yeah, that elongated scene between Nicole Kidman and the therapist in the most recent Big Little Lies episode was a stunner. Nicole has been my favorite actress for a long time and I'm glad to see her still doing great work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by waitressboy View Post
    I came to say exactly the same. I've been watching it for the weekend, and I feel I've been watching this show for a month. The chapters feel like two hours long, the fights are TERRIBLENESS and I don't give a fuck about all the parts about the Rand Company.
    I'm one chapter away to finish the season, just because I feel I'm cheating if I dislike it without watching the whole thing, but man, the show is really bad.
    Oh boy does this show suck. I powered through it because I need to take my mind of things and it felt good to hate something besides Trump.

    It's a mess on every level. One minute I have to crank up the volume because I can't hear it; the next I'm frantically turning it down because it's so loud it hurts my ears. It's so dark in EVEN OUTSIDE IN DAYLIGHT scenes I can't see a damn thing. X-Files dark. The acting is terrible. The story is predictable and terrible. The music sucks. The directing sucks. It could have been maybe a decent movie... maybe... but it's 13 episodes of "Fuck, I have to watch this so I can understand The Defenders." The pacing is off. It's unbelievable. The dialog is stilted.

    I didn't like Luke Cage and while I didn't love Daredevil, S1 was decent and S2 sucked. So this makes three fucking seasons of shows I hated since Jessica Jones was released... and no new JJ seems to be on the horizon except for The Defenders.

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