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Thread: What are you watching - the TV edition

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    not sure
    If you haven't watched Derry Girls yet, I highly recommend it. It's funny, clever, and has just the right about of feels.

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    Killing Eve - Perhaps one of the most amazing shows that is completely pointless I've ever watched.
    I mean, they go about building up this world so meticulously. I got really invested in it. You have this organization called the 12 and the team Eve is on which is an unofficial, official investigation on Villanelle and the 12.. and it's so quirky and the acting is so good... and then the final episode?
    What was that???

    It's like if Harry Potter (which had this amazing world/mythology set up) ended with Harry saying eff it to everyone and getting on a plane to Bimini to work on his tan. I mean, this show (Killing Eve) was building up to have an amazing payoff and when it was time to do so it just decided to ... not do that. And the ending it did give was so freaking insane it's probably genius.

    Very pointless but still great fun to watch.
    And if nothing else.. what a wonderful thing for Sandra Oh whom I think has never been given the accolades for the great work she's done for more than 2 decades now. For her to have a vehicle like this makes me very happy.
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    I don't know why I never watched Drunk History before. I guess I didn't get what it was trying to do but I started it and I am enjoying it. Snarky history is one of my great loves. And when it's not snarky, the absurdity and guest stars are fantastic.

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