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Thread: What are you watching - the TV edition

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    by the woods

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    I just watched Roseanne, and I thought it was actually kind of genius.

    The way they effortlessly handled all the loose ends from previous seasons (Dan's death, the lottery, the two beckys, etc.), while still making it incredibly entertaining and relevant.

    I did NOT come across as Pro-Trump or ultra-conservative at all to me. If anything, the show snuck in a few socially liberal issues (Mark especially) that probably made many conservative people be more empathetic towards. That is quite a mighty feat if you think about it.

    And honestly, many families are extremely divided like that now. There's really no getting around it. It's a very painful reality happening at every dinner table. I hate Trump as much as the next @forumzer, but I can't pretend like he (and his supporters) don't exist. "Roseanne" is just taking that reality and turning it around into something that we can laugh at. Which is, quite frankly, what we all need more of these days.
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    We just signed up for Britbox. It's like Christmas has come early.

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    I just bought a TV antenna!! I'm looking forward to tuning in all that free network BS that I've been missing!

    Somehow I don't feel rushed to hook it up.

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    I just finished 9 seasons of Hoarders and am now on season 1 of Intervention. I was sad that my Hoarders binge had to come to an end. So far I've watched a few episodes of Intervention but it hasn't grabbed my attention as Hoarders did.

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    I just finished La Casa de Papel. Excellent show!

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