Yes, I agree with all of that. Garbage's set list could have been better, but Shirley is an amazing performer. I like their first 4 albums, much more than any of their last two reunions albums. They have some good songs, but on the whole I'm not crazy about them.

I bought a copy of their coffee table book there which is brilliantly done. What a treat for fans!

This was my first time seeing Blondie and I was not that impressed. I don't know if Debbie is always like that but she didn't have the charisma you would expect from an icon. For a fashion icon, she wasn't dressed up too much. A review said she had a grandmotherly vibe, which I guess is true. But that's not what I"m looking for from a rock star! Maybe I missed the best part of their set though. Because it was at Wolf Trap and the DC subway closes early during the week so I had to leave half way through their set to catch their last train home.