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Thread: Stuff that will never get released

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    Stuff that will never get released

    We can add MTV Unplugged to the list:

    “It was during the taping of my MTV “Unplugged” performance (in 1996). … What happened was I just couldn’t harness the energy. And I got really mad at myself because I couldn’t harness it. And I do this every night and I can usually harness something, and I couldn’t understand why. What was wrong? What was I missing here? So I walked off (crying).

    “It was the best thing I could have done because what I did was I acknowledged what the truth was – and the truth was I wasn’t harnessing it; for whatever reason it wasn’t happening. Because I acknowledged it, it gave me power. It gave me my strength back again. It’s funny that in that moment of ‘this is a mess,’ you begin to kind of find the pearls.
    “So when I walked offstage I went down to the dressing room and just was pacing.

    "My tour manager said, ‘So I guess that’s it then. Should we order some food? Should we book a restaurant?”

    “I said, ‘What are you talking about?’

    “He said, ‘That’s it then, you’ve obviously finished for the night.’

    “I said, ‘Not necessarily, I’m just pacing right now.’

    “He said, ‘Okay. I’ll pace with you.’

    We started pacing beneath the MTV thing.

    "Then my soundman came in and said, ‘What’s going on? It sounds fucking great out there. … I’m telling you, it sounds better than most of your shows.’

    "Then my L.D. (lighting director) came down and said, ‘Something just doesn’t feel right. I can’t put my finger on it.’

    “Then my tour manager looked at my L.D. and they looked back at each other. And they go, ‘Hang on a minute. Give us five seconds.’

    “They walked outside the room and came back in smiling and said, ‘The lights are up. We’re going to bring the lights down.’

    “For 700 hundred shows over the five years (prior to that), I’d played with the lights down. So all the lights were up to catch the audience and I felt like somebody was watching me take a shower. So they dimmed the lights, I felt better. By that point because I’d made the choice to stop it and make some changes, I felt like I began again. And I turned the whole show around."

    — Tori Amos

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    Didn't she make a comment during the performance about how awkward it was for her to be able to see the audience?

    That's really strange that she thinks poorly of that performance because it was perhaps the main reason I became a fan of her music.
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    well she did comment on how she could see everyone but didn't make it obvious how it made her feel so "naked"; funny that coming from the girl who made it with a raw confessional album....and funny that she doesn't feel this way now when her best night now doesn't even come close to how amazing she was performing that night prior to her stopping...
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    didn't that all happen before the performance that actually aired?

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    No, it was happening all through the show. (I attended this show.) She came on and played a few songs, some of which were aired and some of which were not. She kept making a lot of mistakes and seemed really raw and uncomfortable. About halfway through the show she said she needed to go and find the girl who played the piano (or something along those lines), went off-stage for a while, got herself together, came back, and finished the show. The show that MTV eventually aired was resequenced, but had songs from before and after the part where she walked offstage.

    Is this a new interview? I've never read it before. Kind of interesting. Is that really what she'd consider her worst show ever?

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    I'm starting to think Oranges and See It Crying will never see the light of day.

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    I love the portion of MTV that was aired (especially CALS and Voodoo), but am I right in thinking that's actually a fairly small portion of the overall performance?

    EDIT: In fact, more of what was aired comes from after the break she took. Which fits with what she said in that interview. The 'success rate' goes up a lot.

    Leather (p)
    Blood Roses (h)
    Putting The Damage On (p)
    Cornflake Girl (p/ag) - 3 takes of this song
    Doughnut Song (p/ag)
    In The Springtime of His Voodoo (p/ag)
    Silent All These Years (p)
    Marianne (p)
    Silent All These Years (p) - messed up, needed to take break

    Precious Things (p)
    Icicle (p)
    Caught a Lite Sneeze (h/p/eg)

    Me and A Gun
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow (p)
    Hey Jupiter (p/eg)

    Honey (p/eg)
    Space Dog (p/eg) - she forgot the lyrics midway
    In The Springtime of His Voodoo (p/ag) - MTV made her redo this
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    I'm pretty sure he said "Killdren". Stone's Avatar
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    Another interesting album.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    Another interesting album.

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    Not to get too off-topic here, but speaking of the Unplugged taping, does anybody have quotes/blurbs about the Storytellers taping? I remember reading that at one point during the taping, Tori said something like "if anybody ever asks you to do Storytellers, shoot yourself." I also remember that they made her restart Hey Jupiter in the middle of the woo-hoos and you can see a somewhat awkward jump cut if you watch that performance closely enough.

    Back on topic: any of the dvd projects for which Tori is responsible will not see the light of day. We got Montreux and Live At the Artist's Den only because Tori's people weren't ultimately responsible. But the 1998 and 2007 dvds are gone forever, or maybe just replaced by "visualettes" in 2007's case.

    I don't think we'll ever get "It Might Hurt a Bit," and I'm starting to have doubts about "Goodbye Girl's Electric Band" (aka the Bonn soundcheck song from 2005).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    Another interesting good album.

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    the tara busch remixes of flavor and aats...and the suede remix (though the plug may have been pulled on this one before it was completed?)....

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    Quote Originally Posted by justin View Post
    the tara busch remixes of flavor and aats...and the suede remix (though the plug may have been pulled on this one before it was completed?)....
    I completely forgot about those remixes. I remember being insanely jealous that they gave Tara access to every track on Flavor. I want to listen to Tori's vocal track.

    Hmm, what else..

    An update to the ~*secret site*~
    Motormaids of Japan
    MWG sheet music, etc..
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    Her cover of Hyperballad . I would actually kill to hear this one.

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