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Thread: Stuff that will never get released

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    I'm going to see Suzanne Vega in London this October for the 20th and 25th anniversary of Solitude Standing and 99F Degrees. Can't wait?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venus_Envy View Post
    Didn't they become Lady In Blue or something else around that era?
    Lady Jane became Snow Cherries from France.

    There were things that were happening — “Snow Angel,” which ended up on “Midwinter Graces,” began in 1995. “Snow Cherries From France” is really a song from “Pele” that is called “Lady Jane.” The thing about “Lady Jane” is that she started off as a certain type of story with a woman that I had met who was inspiring it and then it got caught up in other Janes that I met in my life. I tried to make it about all the lovely Janes in my life. That song got put by the wayside for a while and shifted into “Snow Cherries From France.”

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