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Thread: Best of Legs & Boots?

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    Best of Legs & Boots?

    Hey there,
    I couldn't seem to find a thread about this in the forum. I missed the boat on the legs & boots when they were going on and I was just wondering what are considered the best recordings? (individual songs, not whole shows)

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    Check this out, from a thread at @.


    Just in case @ should get eaten by bears, here' s OneOfUs's original post:

    Quote Originally Posted by OneOfUs


    Almost Rosey - Montreal, Quebec
    Amazing Grace - West Palm Beach, FL
    Amber Waves - Ft. Meyers, FL

    Baker Baker - Detroit, MI
    Beauty of Speed - Lawrence, KS
    The Beekeeper - Melbourne, FL
    Bells for Her - Boston, MA
    Beulah Land - Dallas, TX
    Big Wheel - San Diego, CA
    Black Dove - Houston, TX
    Black Swan - Boise, ID
    Bliss - Cleveland, OH
    Blood Roses - Cleveland, OH
    Body and Soul - Dallas, TX
    Bouncing Off Clouds - Lawrence, KS
    Bug a Martini - Vancouver, BC

    Carbon - Detroit, MI
    Caught a Lite Sneeze - Chicago, IL (Syracuse for the intro)
    China - Boston, MA
    Cloud on my Tongue - Buffalo, NY
    Code Red - Philadelphia, PA
    Concertina - Cleveland, OH
    Cool on Your Island - Nashville, TS
    Cooling - Nashville, TN
    Cornflake Girl - Indianapolis, IN
    Crazy - Indianapolis, IN
    Crucify - Detroit, MI
    Cruel - Boston, MA

    Devils and Gods - Montreal, Quebec
    Digital Ghost - Melbourne, FL
    Doughnut Song - Houston, TX
    Dragon - Detroit, MI

    Etienne - Boston, MA

    Fat Slut - Chicago, MI
    Father Lucifer - Milwaukee, WI
    Frog on my toe - Lawrence, KS

    Garlands - Montreal, Quebec
    Girl Disappearing - Lawrence, KS
    Glory of the 80s - Ft Meyers, FL
    God - Boston, MA
    Gold Dust - West Palm Beach, FL

    Happy Phantom - Pittsburgh, PA (solo: Chicago, IL)
    He Has A Well, You Have An Ocean - Boston, MA
    Here In My Head - Buffalo, NY
    Hey Jupiter - Boston 2, MA
    Honey - Melbourne, FL (Detroit for the intro)
    Hoochie Woman - San Diego, CA
    Horses - Toronto, Ontario
    Hotel - Nashville, TN

    In the Springtime of His Voodoo - Nashville, TN

    Jackie's Strength - Boston, MA
    Josephine - West Palm Beach, FL
    Juarez - Boston, MA

    Leather - Washington, DC
    Liquid Diamonds - Melbourne, FL
    Little Amsterdam - Melbourne, FL
    Little Earthquakes - Lawrence, KS
    Lust - Milwaukee, WI

    Marianne - Melbourne, FL
    Martha's Foolish Ginger - Clearwater, FL
    Mary - Houston, TX
    Me and a Gun - Chicago, IL
    Merman - Boston, MA
    Mother - Lawrence, KS
    Mother Revolution - Lawrence, KS
    Mountain - San Diego, CA
    Mr Zebra - Pittsburgh, PA
    My Posse Can Do - Detroit, MI

    Never Seen Blue - Syracuse, NY
    Northern Lad - Syracuse, NY
    Not David Bowie - Denver, CO (Bonus)
    Not the Red Baron - Boise, ID

    Pancake - Washington, DC
    Parasol - Syracuse, NY
    Peeping Tommi - Houston, TX
    Playboy Mommy - Montreal, Quebec
    The Power of Orange Knickers - Nashville, TN
    Precious Things - Pittsburgh, PA
    Professional Widow - Clearwater, FL
    Professional Widow (interlude) - Lawrence, KS
    Purple People - Philadelphia, PA
    Putting the Damage On - Pittsburgh, PA

    Raspberry Swirl - Dallas, TX
    Roosterspur Bridge - Syracuse, NY
    Ruby Through the Looking Glass - Vancouver, BC

    Scarlet's Walk - Nashville, TN
    Seaside - Ft. Meyers, FL
    Secret Spell - Dallas, TX
    She's Your Cocaine - Dallas, TX
    Silent all these years - Pittsburgh, PA
    Siren - Detroit, MI
    Sister Janet - Pittsburgh, PA
    Smokey Joe - Clearwater, FL
    a sorta fairytale - Lawrence, KS
    Space Dog - San Diego, CA (West Palm Beach for the intro)
    Spark - Cleveland, OH
    Spring Haze - West Palm Beach, FL
    Suede - Ft. Meyers, FL
    Sugar - Pittsburgh, PA (Santa: Dallas, TX)
    Sweet Dreams - Nashville, TN
    Sweet Sangria - Ft. Meyers, FL
    Sweet The Sting - Dallas, TX

    Take me with You - Toronto, Ontario
    Take to the Sky- Boston, MA
    Taxi Ride - Buffalo, NY
    Tear in Your Hand - Cleveland, OH
    Teenage Hustling - Boston, MA
    Tombigbee - Washington DC
    Twinkle - Melbourne, FL

    Upside Down - Melbourne, FL

    Virginia - Houston, FL

    Waitress - Cleveland, OH
    Winter - Chicago, IL

    Yes Anastasia - Syracuse, NY
    Yo George - Indianapolis, IN
    You Can Bring Your Dog - Pittsburgh, PA
    Your Cloud - West Palm Beach, FL

    1000 Oceans - Syracuse, NY
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    That's a great list. I always sing the praises of the Buffalo Bouncing off Clouds (oh I wish that was a Neneh Cherry mashup). Her voice *cracks* on the opening "we wer-HRERHEREER!" and it makes the whole thing leap out like a 96 girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, although others disagree.

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    I like how the intro to Syracuse CALS gets a special mention, that is one of the greatest things I've ever heard her play. Unfortunately, the vocal is terrible on that version. I think I did a Syracuse/Montreal CALS remix a while back but I'm sure I lost it.

    Also Your Cloud from Buffalo is one of my most listened songs from the L&B's. No joke!

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    I just complied that list into a playlist, thank you! So much easier than listening to the entire set

    ... now only if someone would do that for the original bootlegs

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    What do people here think is the best one as a whole (vocally)?

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    I just noticed Space Dog from Boston is not on the list. Really guys? That's easily the best vocal, just listen to the ending.

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    "Garlands" from the Montreal show is one of my favorite live performances, ever!
    Sometimes I think the so-called "experts" actually are experts.

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    My computer died recently so I've been listening to a lot of music on youtube while I get my new one sorted out. Anyway, because of this I noticed that someone has just uploaded all the Legs and Boots in the last couple of days so I thought I'd bump this thread while I listened through some of them. Kind of cool if you've never had the chance to hear a lot of them.

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