We get to watch an incredible actor behave like a monster and we like it, we love it, because he is so charming, and handsome. We like watching humans get beaten, and if such beatings are framed in the right way, in this case, in an important film about American history, then we will lap up all that brutality and want more. I know I did.

So yeah, I don't think that's a normal response. At all. Ever. If I had a friend who told me they had this reaction, I would be mortified and immediately reassess that friendship.

Big Little Lies was wonderful. Having been witness to and victim of DV, how well Skarsgård played an abuser was fucking terrifying and made me shudder. I had such a hard time watching his scenes because it was too real. I felt sick so many times watching that show. HE DID IT SO WELL. He's handsome and charming. But I did not want more, I did not lap it up, I did not like it.