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Thread: The entertainment industry's unstoppable bullshit machine

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    Oh Mario, how tacky was that?

    I usually watch The Chew. I didn't watch it this week. I didn't want to hear what they had to say, didn't want to see their sad little heartbroken faces, especially if it turns out Clinton, Carla, and Symon knew. Mario hadn't been on a lot lately but he often does take long breaks while he visits his restaurants and Eatalys.

    They're going to have to replace him. The show doesn't work with 3, as Daphne left this year too. I usually watch a lot of heavy stuff or news. It was the one light thing I watched, so now it's a danger zone until I know they're done referencing it for a while.

    And re: what Matt Damon said about levels of badness... he's not wrong in that there is a difference between some stranger saying "hey nice titties" and your boss holding you down and raping you, but like... shut up, Matt Damon. One can still be traumatized. One can be blacklisted for refusing advances. No one cares what you think, Matt, and you're doing permanent damage to your own image. We don't need Damonsplaining of sexual harassment and assault.

    And what about other Miras? Other women who probably should have had bigger careers? Tomei was another Oscar winner who wasn't in as much as a male equivalent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regina Phalange View Post
    And what about other Miras? Other women who probably should have had bigger careers? Tomei was another Oscar winner who wasn't in as much as a male equivalent.
    It is certainly possible that Harvey has hurt Tomei's career, but her career arc is very different from Sorvino's. Tomei is regularly in high-profile films (most recently the Spider Man reboot) and has received two subsequent Oscar nods after her win. Sorvino just flat-out disappeared. It's disgusting that she was blacklisted.

    At the very least I do think that Tomei was hurt by the backlash against her Oscar win and the perception that it was undeserved (she's delightful in a slight film, but she was up against heavy hitters that year, and was the only American actress in a list of extremely well-regarded veterans, including Judy Davis and Vanessa Redgrave). There have been several nasty rumors that Jack Palance called her name by accident on Oscar night and that the award was not supposed to go to her. But that's a typical fucked up Hollywood dynamic--Hollywood loves to award young beauties and then act like they don't deserve any credit after doing so, and punish them for their success. Meanwhile, actresses over the age of 40 regularly disappear and are treated as "washed up."

    Oh, and that Batali "apology" is insane. I'm so sorry ... hey, try my pizza dough cinnamon rolls! YIKES.
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