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Thread: UK Politics (General Thread)

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    Why is this happening to me? beanstew's Avatar
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    We are deeply fucked.

    Maybe for once, someone will call me "Sir" without adding, "You're making a scene."

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    Did you guys catch the Brexit news today? Seemed like a deal on the Irish border was almost done... and then... the DUP opposed it.

    The DUP torpedoed today’s sensible UK-EU compromise deal on the border because, according to an Arlene Foster tweet, the party could not accept any deal which separates Northern Ireland politically from the rest of the UK. This will come as a great surprise to campaigners for marriage equality, liberalisation of the abortion laws, and comprehensive education.
    "A universe that needed someone to observe it in order to collapse it into existence would be a pretty sorry universe indeed."

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    We are deeply, deeply fucked.

    I just can't with this any more. What do these craven, venal shits have to do to get fired these days?

    The look on Benn's face says it all.

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    This is all turning out to be as much of a disaster as I thought it would be; except I don't have any sense of schadenfreude because this is my future being narrowed in front of my eyes. It would be hilarious if people weren't going to suffer.

    And I still don't buy into the line that Brexit could be successful if the government were stronger or if this or that were different; as far as I can tell the best outcome for Brexit is still a more expensive and less secure version of what we have now.

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    I watched Question Time last night (I know, I shouldn't have) and I have never ever felt more like I want to leave this country. Watching the mob getting riled up by and cheering the meaningless populist bullshit spewed out by Isabel Oakeshott while booing any reasonable point that was made and completely missing the point of everything was just a microcosm of where we're at right now. Where does the country go from this? We're committing an act of self vandalism while half the country applauds it then screams traitor and mutineer at anyone who has a reasonable perspective on it. Even when politicians are conceding that Brexit is going to happen, they're classed as the enemy because they have a more nuanced idea of what the process should be. Even if somehow the whole thing was overturned these people are not going to let it lie because they've been brainwashed by decades of horseshit from the newspapers.

    I'm sick of this debate and I'm sick of the atmosphere in this country. We're in a dire position already after the recession and a decade of austerity and we're going to make it ten times worse for ourselves. I feel like I don't want to hang around in this toxic environment watching that happen.

    I'm in a privileged position because I have Irish citizenship too so I can move across the border or into the rest of the EU, but that is something I've never felt the need to ever do - now I am genuinely weighing up the logistics of it.
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    ^^ I stopped watching BBCQT for this exact reason - I just found it beyond depressing every single week. Ugh, JAE, what the fuck is going on.

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