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Thread: Emotional Based Eating, Binging, or Grazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamstilljamiepoo View Post
    I'm to the point right now where I don't even look at mirrors to get ready in the morning. Not even my face. I'm so absolutely disgusted with myself. Yet strangely, I can't make myself do anything about it. I don't even feel like I deserve to be and feel okay.
    Reading this makes me so sad.

    You DESERVE to be and feel okay!

    I don't know if that helps you in any way, but if I feel like I hate my own body aesthetically, I try to think about it in a different way: how miraculous it is (a molecular machine...), how it makes me able to move, feel air, smell odors, see colours, hear sounds, touch things and so on.

    I wish you a loving eye next time you look in a mirror.

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    I've decided to do Weight Watchers again. My therapist and dietitian hate this idea. I feel like there has got to be a way to fight this eating disorder and lose weight at the same time, even though said therapist and dietitian tell me there's not. Everything is just so incredibly out of control. They are in the, 'no food is bad food' camp and that I need to work on getting my body's hunger and fullness cues back in line. I'm all for those things, but I can't stand the body I'm in anymore.

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    save me from myself... i've been eating like a high school stoner and now i can't stop.

    lunch today: "snack size" bag of doritos AND fritos, hostess cupcakes, diet coke, and half a bag of gummy lifesavers.

    wtf is wrong with me?
    You don't have to do everything all by yourself.

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