I have been living under the worst stress of my life since mid January. The anxiety has manifested itself into horrible spells of binge eating resulting in my gaining 40 pounds in the past three months. It's like a vicious cycle because the weight gain is ADDING to my stress, anxiety, and depression. I started taking my prescription phentermine again today but no pill will do the trick unless I get the binging under control. The cravings are worse late at night when I am convinced I won't be able to sleep unless I eat something so I usually hit up the fast food joints that are open later. I stuff my face with fatty foods and then go to sleep. This needs to stop not just for my mental health but also for my physical well being - when I try to do chores around the house my back is killing me and I get out of breath. Today is the first day in what I am sure will be a long and difficult journey. I can't believe I've let myself go like this and I am experiencing a lot of self-loathing because of it.