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I have already PMed several travelers on the TA boards who mentioned my hotel. I am still waiting for the refund to go through before I tear them a new butthole on the boards. I did google the name of the hotel and no reports of bedbugs. Will DEF be doing this in the future.

Doc prescribed me some steroids and I will go back in 3 weeks. Also have a regularly scheduled derm appointment next week and will obviously be bringing it up.

(I told some of my students who were asking about my bites today that they were "bug bites," not getting into details, and one kid asked if they left an egg sac in me!!!! EW, THANKS FOR THAT THOUGHT, KID)
I really hope the scars go away. And to think my mother in law was ok with staying in a hotel that had reports of bed bugs when she came for our wedding. *TWITCH*