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Thread: Pop Music

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    As someone who’s experienced a lot of loss in the last few years of my life, I can totally see why a fast engagement might have seemed like an OK idea at the time...being confronted with death really makes it clear to you how much we take for granted and assume we have all the time in the world to do all the things we wanna do in life. So it’s hard in those moments not to feel like you literally need to live every day like it’s your last.

    I love the new song too and am excited that it sounds like an album is coming relatively soon too already. I still prefer Dangerous Woman to Sweetener as a whole but it has some really great moments and the best part is she’s clearly making the music she feels strongly about and wants to be making. I’m gonna have a hard time picking my favorite song for my best of 2018 list since I limit myself to one song per artist. This song is definitely a contender now, along with No Tears Left to Cry (which is probably my pick right now), Breathin, Goodnight and Go, God Is a Woman, and the title track. OK I guess I do like that album quite a bit.
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    What does everyone think of the new Poppy?? I kind of like it but also kind of think it’s a terrible, jumbled mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octopussy View Post
    What does everyone think of the new Poppy?? I kind of like it but also kind of think it’s a terrible, jumbled mess.
    I like the new album waaaay more than her debut. I think I "get" her now, whereas before the persona felt half-baked. She's a robot slowly becoming human. This new album tells a story about her learning who she is, who she's not, questioning gender, questioning humanity - all alongside some killer pop melodies. I love that she introduces a metal sound in the back half of the album to reflect the rage she discovers.

    X video out today!

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    Rebecca Lucy Taylor formally of the brilliant Slow Club has a new band called Self Esteem now and I'm liking this:

    Self Esteem - The Best

    Album due out in March.
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    ^ I like that! Added to spotify

    Also, this is SUCH an earworm

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    Amazing new pop chick Slayyyter just released yet another brilliant single. It's been awhile since I've been so quickly, fully obsessed with an artist. She's giving me everything I need right now.

    And here's her last single (aside from her filthy, glorious Christmas track), which is also fucking great...

    When they're calling
    From the edge

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    Obsessed with slayyyter

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