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Thread: first pregnancy

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    I am now almost 24 weeks, and I haven't had any morning sickness (with vomiting, just the occasional nausea) since about week 15/16, then this week, it hit me out of nowhere. It hasn't been confined to mornings, either. I think I may have picked up a slight bug during the holidays when visiting family, but that doesn't seem like all that's going on.

    I'm worried because I've dropped about three pounds. I've been drinking water and Gatorade constantly and eating what I can (mainly Jell-O, popsicles, and chicken noodle soup). I just finished a baked potato and feel OK so far.

    Mainly, I'm worried because I can't seem to hold on to any weight yet. I lost over five pounds with the first round of morning sickness and had gained most of that back, but now I'm down three again because of this bout/bug.

    The anatomy scan was a couple of weeks ago and everything looked fine, baby weighed 15 ounces, and we found out it's a girl! I feel her move around a lot still, but I'm just hoping the past three days of barely being able to eat have hurt her in some way.

    Reassure me, please!

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    Also, a rant:

    Why the fuck do my in-laws deem it necessary to encourage us to plan for our "next" child, when they themselves only had one AND I haven't even squeezed this one out yet?

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    double post

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    There will ALWAYS be people talking about the next one. I was in labour and the midwife was asking me about MY next one! Your doctor would be the best person to ask about weight loss. Hopefully you're able to get all your nutrients soon, since popsicles, whilst good for energy, aren't great in other areas )

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    Start ignoring people now - it'll help you practice for when they also tell you how to raise your kid.

    And EAT! I'm sure the wee one is fine, but EAT! Find your craving - I devoured these quiches from Fresh Market for my second pregnancy. The first one demanded mac and cheese and cantaloupe. Both wanted steaks and I don't eat red meat very often so I always found that odd. But do it! You'll feel better once you do.
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    Finally better and able to eat today! Cooking BBQ pork stew in the slow cooker to celebrate.

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    Currently 15 weeks along with my first pregnancy. Been listening to Scarlet’s Walk a lot to relax me. This is quite an intimidating and wondrous journey I’m on. Can’t wait until they can hear music in the womb so I can begin to impart my music taste on my little one ☺️

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    Quote Originally Posted by HumptyDumpty View Post
    so I can begin to impart my music taste on my little one ☺️
    Very good - as it should be

    Congrats! That's so exciting.

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