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Thread: What are you playing right now?

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    Arcana on the phone. Mass Effect trilogy for the 4th time (it's my comfort game)

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    The SNES is indeed fully hackable to play any USA Rom you want. Some of the more problematic games work like a charm (like Mortal Kombat II, Spiderman & the X-men), and for some of the non-compatible stuff you can even get to run through RetroArch. So odd that the official SNES emulator for the 3DS doesnt support Super FX chips, but DOES support the SDD-1; while for the mini SNES it is the other way round.

    ETA: Scratch that, for the 3DS version they just decompressed the graphics of the Street Fighter Alpha 2 ROM and removed the links to the SDD-1 chip.
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    by the woods
    i'm playing phantasy star portable.

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