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Thread: What are you playing right now?

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    I hadn't played Doom in a few months and I felt the urge to blow shit up today and there have been updates and now I can't get my game to load. I tried to crush some candy to get THAT urge to pass and I can't get that to load on my computer either.

    I had a lot of problems when I got Doom to get it to work. My computer isn't a fancy gaming rig, but it's not an old netbook either. When I finally figured out which weird setting was wrong, it worked just fine. So I KNOW it's not my specs. I checked my drivers and all that. I just have to invest some time deep googling and I'm super annoyed.

    I would also like to spend some time playing on my DS but clearly this week has been traumatizing for us Mario fans and I can't do it.

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    Finally sat down for Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Man, what a great game. It is never dull for a moment.
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    After buying an LP of the soundtrack and loving it, I am playing MOTHER (Earthbound Zero/Beginnings) for the first time in my life! People've told me for decades now how hard it is but... 10 hours in and I'm not seeing it? Is it just my brain being programmed toward the archaic JRPGs? Maybe it'll convince me to give Earthbound another shot.
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    i'm playing city of heroes.

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    Finished my replay of all the soulsborne games (not demon souls, though I’d love to) and they were magnificent, as always. Playing them back to back the second one is BY FAR the least fun. So many ganky and annoying areas. The surplus of bosses doesn’t actually bother me, though, they are mostly easy so it’s just extra souls. The first is the best. It just has a certain je ne sai quoi about it. The mystery, the world, the intrigue, the music, the bosses.
    It’s all at its height in the OG.

    I’ve moved on to Red Dead 2, and I appreciate it but it isn’t grabbing me. On switch I’ve picked up Okami, but again, it isn’t really grabbing me yet.

    I’m pumped for the new Pokémon, as always.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domandapiano View Post
    On switch I’ve picked up Okami, but again, it isn’t really grabbing me yet.
    Okami never grabbed me either. The idea is great but it wasn't that much fun to actually play...

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