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Thread: Least Favorite Tori Concert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceDoggy View Post
    I have a general question (sorry, I didn#t want to open a new thread and didn't know where else to post that one...)
    I've seen that in 1996 during the DDI tour, Tori did two shows a day in one city. What was the exact reason for that? Was that common at that time? And when did the two shows begin and end? I am just asking since I imagine that this must be extremely exhausting for an artist no?
    I imagine it was mainly due to shows selling out and wanting to add more without having to throw off the whole tour schedule. It also allows Tori to have a day off while still adding more instead of having a run where she does a show every night of the week. Some artists will do two shows a night (I know Laura Marling just did two shows a night in Philly and NYC), but it isn't a very common practice. I believe the last time Tori did it was during the 2001 tour in San Diego.

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    Quote Originally Posted by promo78 View Post
    But the show itself was what nightmares are made of. During the show you could see a freight boat floating behind the stage and I'm pretty sure that it was coming to claim our souls.

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    The Metropole show in Amsterdam 2010. What a car crash. Predictable set, poor vocals and the first 3 songs had to be repeated as it was a radio broadcast and she'd fucked them up. After the main set, the front section all just sat down without stage rushing. I remember looking behind me at some fellow fans I knew and just cringing. Even more awkwardly, the fans from the back tried to stage rush and filled the aisle whilst everyone on the floor just sat and clapped politely. It was such a disappointment after the earlier summer shows were so outstanding.

    That was the only Tori show that's left me disappointed. I only saw Manchester in 05 and it was a solid show, if not a little sluggish during the first half. But not an outright bad show.
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    I just thought it was a snoozefest. Very boring. The music sounded lazy.

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    I've seen some pretty good shows, but Austin TX 2014 left me with a migraine. Beautiful moments with a pretty weird first half, great covers set into the second half and then a really, really unfortunate set of encore performances plus piercingly loud beats from CFG and Swirl. The bootleg is much better than the actual show was for me.
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    For me it would be a tie between Rome 2009 and Rome 2014. They weren't really BAD shows... in 2009 she played a lot of Choirgirl and I got my first Spark, but it was 2009 and I left the venue with a strange feeling of being bored or underwhelmed.
    2014 had the same issues, on paper it sounds great but there was something missing, like energy or presence of mind, I don't know. She played my PTM request, though, which was beautiful. Maybe it was just that I was too far from the stage, but in 2011 I was sitting about the same seats and I enjoyed the show so much anyway. Maybe it was the backing tracks or the lack of some more energetic song that left me a bit bored.

    So far I've seen her 1 time in Florence 2007, 3 times in Rome 2009, 2011 and 2014, 1 time in London 2012 and 1 time in Milan this year. Best shows were surely 2011/12/17
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    Jones Beach 05. I think it was more that I had pretty terrible seats and me not being a huge fan of outdoor venues than Tori. However. I remember being incredibly bored. The first leg of OS tour in 05 I saw Washington DC and Philly both of which I loved!!! I think, perhaps, Tori could've played with Matt and Jon on Summer of Sin to change up the flavor of the sound

    I absolutely loved the 09 tour!! and the Strong Black Vine freak out!!!

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