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Thread: Come 2 Cover The Lovers: Unforumzed Drift

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    Last night I went to Running Up That Hill: A Celebration of Kate Bush featuring a range of artists from Scotland and the north of England. It was a great night - some really impressive arrangements and performances, with surprising selections from the back catalogue. All the musicians took turns providing backing vocals and accompaniment to each other.

    There are a few videos on Youtube but unfortunately several of the highlights haven't surfaced yet (including a lovely rendition of This Woman's Work by Sarah Hayes of Admiral Fallow, Kathryn Joseph's terrific takes on Moments of Pleasure and Sunset, a fab version of Rubberband Girl from Field Music and Kathryn Williams doing Wow, And Dream of Sheep and Cloudbusting).

    Karine Polwart:
    King of the Mountain (just a clip which doesn't do it justice but this was amazing)

    Breathing (with a new spoken word section which actually works really well)

    Roddy Hart:
    Army Dreamers

    Hounds of Love (he got the audience to shout "It's in the trees! It's coming!")

    Emma Pollock (who curated the night):
    Suspended in Gaffa

    Love and Anger

    James Graham (The Twilight Sad):
    Running Up That Hill

    James Graham and Kathryn Joseph:

    Don't Give Up

    Field Music:

    All We Ever Look For

    Rachel Sermanni:

    Never Be Mine

    Rachel Sermanni leading the full ensemble:

    Wuthering Heights (the encore)

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    Wow. I wish they could take that show on the road.

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    (DJ) Markus Schulz - Running up that Hill

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    So, this happened at the last Daylight Music of the season.

    Bit cloudy - Deeper Understanding (Kate Bush cover)
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    This is not technically a cover. It's a short film called Mítt Rúm, and even though the director doesn't say anything on the description of the video, it's basically Deeper Understanding made into a movie.
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