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Thread: Collecting Bs - Let's talk about your Tori stash

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    Icon15 Collecting Bs - Let's talk about your Tori stash

    What souvenirs do you have? How big is your collection? How many songs do you have?

    My iTunes tells me today I have 4,380 songs. As far as I know, that's every song from every album plus a boatload of other stuff: almost all the b-sides and radio edits, demos, remixes, and a ridiculous amount of live.

    I have physical copies of all the albums but LE, AATS, and MWG. I have physical copies all the Pele singles and most of the Choirgirl and Venus ones. Some of the albums are deluxe instead of regular, but I don't have one of each.

    I never bought tour merchandise and I'm not sure I still even have my ticket stubs. Somewhere I have a WTSF poster, the Beekeeper seeds, and the Original Bootlegs stickers.

    I have most of the piano books and Piece by Piece.

    I don't have Fade to Red or Montreux.

    I've never met Tori, so I don't have anything autographed or any pictures of us.

    So other than a large mp3 library, my collection is pretty small and boring. I want to hear how awesome yours is.

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    Nice thread!

    Physical CD
    I have all the studio albums, jewel case versions of LE - SLG, the SW box, and then the digipaks of TOAL, TBK, ADP, AATS, and MWG.
    As for singles, the only new one I have is the ASF CD single but on eBay I got a gorgeous as-new Winter digipak, plus Pretty Good Year two-disc digipak set and jewel case versions of China, Cornflake Girl, Talula, Hey Jupiter, and Spark.
    Also have the Original Bootlegs box and A Piano box set.

    Little Earthquakes, The Complete Videos 1991-1998, Live In New York

    WTSF in jewel case, Fade To Red, Montreux

    Lyrics and Piece By Piece

    YKTR and some of the extras that aren't on single or A Piano. Don't actually have any live stuff saved at all apart from the Original Bootlegs and the stuff that's on official releases. When I need my Tori live fix I'll go to YouTube.

    Tour programs from each tour since OSW and posters from each tour but the last. Also kept all the tickets!

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    All studio albums. Venus in regular and digipak forms. Choirgirl, UK and Japanese (bonus track) versions. Special edition of SW, but who doesn't have that?
    All singles, except a few from LE, 1 from Choirgirl (Spark with Have Yeself...), and 1 from UTP and zero promos.
    Piece by Piece.
    The Videos VHS.
    Fade to Red.
    ASF DVD single.
    A bunch of radio promos (performances. Don't sweat it, they are all available online).
    A bunch of video bootlegs.
    "Venus Envy" tour charm.
    A couple of Choirgirl posters.

    My MP3 collection is pretty extensive. I'm guessing somewhere around 6,000 MP3s.

    Forgot to add my vinyls. Most albums and a couple of singles.
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    Gosh I have a shitload of stuff haha! I need to make a list sometime!

    Let's just say I spend too much money on it

    Nothing too fancy though, the most special thing I have is a Big Picture 7" double A side. No artwork, just the vinyl. And my vinyls in general, love to collect those
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    I think my collection is something like...

    All of the studio records in jewel cases, second pressing of BFP w/ Talula (Tornado Mix), digipak of Tales, TBK, ADP, AATS, and MWG. Vinyls of ADP, BFP, and AATS
    Lots of singles... Winter US, Crucify US/UK, Cornflake Girl US, God US, Caught a Lite Sneeze US, Talula p.1/US, Professional Widow, In the Springtime of His Voodoo (Vinyl), Hey Jupiter EP, Spark, Cruel, Jackie's Strength single and remix EP, Raspberry Swirl, Bliss, 1000 Oceans, Glory of the 80s p.1, Strange Little Girl, A Sorta Fairytale on vinyl, and Don't Make Me Come to Vegas.

    The nice part is I think I bought all of these in stores. Minneapolis has some very nice record shops

    And then there's just some t-shirts/merch I've bought at shows, PbP hardcover, CBT, and some promotional posters.

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    Uhm, let me see...

    Little Earthquakes (american edition & german edition), Under The Pink (american edition & german edition), Boys for Pele (twice), From The Choirgirl Hotel (twice), To Venus And Back (jewel case & digipack), Strange Little Girls (SLG cover, IDLM cover, 4 girls cover), Scarlet's Walk (limited edition & argentinian edition), Tales Of A Librarian (argentinian edition), The Beekeeper (limited edition & argentinian edition), American Doll Posse (limited edition), Abnormally Attracted To Sin (limited edition & english edition)

    Silent all these years (uk), Crucify (uk & us), winter (us), Silent all these years (RAINN), Cornflake girl (uk & us), Pretty good year (limited edition), Past the mission( limited edition & thin jewel case) God (remixes, us, promo), CALS (uk & limited), Talula (uk 1 and 2 & us), Professional widow, Hey Jupiter, In the springtime of his voodoo, Spark (uk & us), Jackie's strength (us & mixes), Cruel/Raspberry swirl, Raspberry Swirl, Bliss (us & maxi single), 1000 Oceans, Glory of the 80s, A sorta fairytale (german & uk), Mary, Sleeps with butterflies, Big wheel, Welcome to England.

    Another stuff
    A Piano, Little Earthquakes VHS, Fade to Red, A sorta fairytale (dvd single), Welcome to sunny Florida, After the rain (bootleg), Piece To Piece (the book), Pretty Good Year (single on cassette), Cornflake girl (single on cassette).

    Professional widow, Y Kant Tori Read (but it's the promo with the picture on the vinyl; i think it's the same ChasingTornados has)

    Blue skies (single), Enconium, Great Expectations soundtrack, Higher Learning soundtrack, Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack, Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack, No Boundaries, Ruby Trax, Twister soundtrack, VH1 Crossroads and a compilation made by the argentinian edition of Rolling Stone Magazine that includes Jackie's strength.

    well, considering that I live in a place where nobody knows Tori and it's incredibly hard to find her singles and stuff, I'm pretty proud of my collection.
    Here's a bunch of pics I took a few months ago. There are some of the things... I'm trying to remember why there's not everything there but well...

    When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there.

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    ^So fucking envious.

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    I recently sold most of my collection. I think I collected everything that was out there minus the really, really expensive stuff. I had a huge collection, but what remained are the albums, a few singles, vinyl and some dvd's/ videos plus some books/posters/t shirts.

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    Little Earthquakes
    Under the Pink
    Boys for Pele
    from the choirgirl hotel
    To Venus and Back
    Strange Little Girls [Raining Blood cover]
    Scarlet's Walk [Regular + Special editions]
    Tales of a Librarian [Special edition]
    The Beekeeper [Special edition]
    American Doll Posse [Regular + Special editions]
    Live at Montreux [2CD edition]
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin [UK Special edition w/Oscar's Theme]
    Midwinter Graces [Special edition w/bonus tracks]

    China [UK single]
    Crucify [US EP]
    Crucify [UK single]
    Winter [US EP]
    Cornflake Girl [UK single]
    God [US single]
    Cornflake Girl [US single]
    Past the Mission [UK single Pt. 1]
    Past the Mission [UK single Pt. 2]
    Caught a Lite Sneeze [US single]
    Hey Jupiter [US EP]
    In The Springtime of His Voodoo [US single]
    Silent All These Years [RAINN re-issue]
    Spark [UK single Pt. 2]
    Jackie's Strength [US single]
    Jackie's Strength [US remix single]
    Bliss [US single]
    1000 oceans [US single]
    concertina [US single]

    The Original Bootlegs [Box Set]
    A Piano: The Collection [w/B&N DVD]

    Live from NY [VHS]
    Welcome to Sunny Florida [DVD]
    Fade to Red [DVD]
    Live at Montreux [DVD]

    American Doll Posse
    Abnormally Attracted to Sin

    1115 including Y Kant Tori Read, Legs & Boots [27 concerts], Baltimore single

    Anthology [sheet music]
    Lyrics [hardcover]
    Piece by Piece [hardcover]
    Comic Book Tattoo [autographed Limited Edition - No. 410 ]

    Recovering Christian t-shirt [I still get a kick out of this one 'cause my name is Christian haha]
    AATS necklace
    AATS pins
    AATS tour book
    AATS t-shirt [song titles]
    AATS t-shirt [tour dates]

    After 11 years of being a Tori fan, I finally got to see her live for the first time last tour [NY, Red Bank, Philly AND Boston!], hence the AATS merchandise.

    Would a picture with her be considered part of the collection? If so, that would probably be my favorite "item" (aw). I cried. She's a person who has made music that has gotten me through a lot of difficult times in my life, and that has influenced me and changed me a great deal throughout the years. The fact that I was given the opportunity to thank her for it in person was enough to make me cry.

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    OH that's right, I forgot about A Piano and the DVDs... I have Fade to Red, Welcome to Sunny Florida, and Live at Montreux both on standard DVD and Blu-Ray.

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    Little Earthquakes (German)
    Under The Pink
    Under The Pink (pink + sealed)
    Boys For Pele (clear green)
    Boys For Pele (sealed)
    From The Choirgirl Hotel
    American Doll Posse
    Abnormally Attracted To Sin

    Boys For Pele
    From The Choirgirl Hotel (Spark Single)
    Strange Little Girls (I Don't Like Monday's Tori cover)
    Scarlet's Walk (deluxe edition)
    Tales of a Librarian (Deluxe Edition)
    American Doll Posse (Deluxe Edition)
    Midwinter Graces

    The Original Bootlegs (Box Set)
    A Piano: The Collection (w/B&N DVD)

    Welcome To Sunny Florida
    Fade To Red
    Live At Montreaux (Blu Ray)

    2,933 files

    Boys For Pele (Orange Promo)
    Lyrics (Herb Leonhard)
    Piece By Piece
    Comic Book Tattoo (Hardcover)

    From The Choirgirl Hotel Lithograph (Matted, framed & signed. It’s my favorite Tori thing I own.)

    SW Leaf Girl t-shirt
    TBK Piano Bar t-shirt
    ADP tour date t-shirt
    VIP Possee backpack
    ADP Tour book
    ADP button pack
    I Believe In Peace, Bitch t-shirt
    AATS tour date t-shirt

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    Quote Originally Posted by winterscarol View Post
    I recently sold most of my collection. I think I collected everything that was out there minus the really, really expensive stuff. I had a huge collection, but what remained are the albums, a few singles, vinyl and some dvd's/ videos plus some books/posters/t shirts.
    Why did you sell it all, if you don't mind me asking?

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    My collection hasn't really grown in the past few years. I have most of her albums and singles, tour books, t-shirts, some of her vinyls, dvd's/vhs collections, etc.

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    I had a big collection. Then it got stolen. So, now all I have is Little Earthquakes VHS, Welcome to Sunny Florida, AATS, and Scarlet's Walk. Most of the tori music that I do have is on my computer, but its nothing compared to what I used to have.

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    I just looked on ebay to see if anyone was selling the Canadian HMV Scarlet's Walk with the Scarlet Stories CD. I got it when it came out, they're selling it for 140 or thereabouts. Typical that I lost mine!

    I kind of gave up collecting. I mean, I have the UK Crucify, but it's in the wrong type of case so really it's the European one. I could look for ages trying to get one in the right type of box, but what's the point? I have the songs anyway.

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