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Thread: 2011: Glorious Success vs Epic Failure

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    2011: Glorious Success vs Epic Failure

    Your personal thoughts on 2011 now that it's winding down?

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    Victory! You got 110 EXP and 204 GIL!

    Went to Spain!
    Went to WALES!
    Moved in with my boyfriend.
    Went to some brill conferences for work.
    Got onto a postgrad course and scored a little bursary.
    General amazing faffing around and doing fun things.
    Started HIKING (sometimes when I can be bothered).
    Started to slap some personal demons.
    Haven't spontaneously combusted yet.
    Ate a lot of HobNobs.

    Got Away Safely! You lost 136 GIL...

    Had to get a tooth pulled (which was actually the good bit - the pain that brought about the simple and painless procedure was some of the worst I've ever felt) and my gums are playing up again and oh god is my mouth about to fall out brb buying more Corsodyl.
    Still have to slap personal demons because they persist.
    Most family members are complete mentals and took fuckery to new levels.
    Ate a lot of HobNobs.

    I've actually had a pretty great year. I have stressed out a lot and made a lot of mountains out of molehills, but that's just how people are - I'll always find a reason to whinge and get upset. But in the past 18 months I've felt as though my life is actually going somewhere. I think 2012 will be stressful and potentially horrifying (AND NOT JUST BECAUSE OF THE MAYANS), but whatever.

    I know a lot of you have had really shitty years and I hope things pick up, you's deserve it.

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    Honestly, 2011 was kind of a shitty year. But let's keep that glass half full, shall we?

    I moved in with my BF as well, and it's been simply wonderful.
    I finished my 3rd semester of college as an adult with my 3rd 4.0 GPA in a row!
    I traveled to many wonderful places around the US, including Sedona, AZ and NYC (my two favorite places besides Chicago).

    And, that folks, is all the positive I can give you. Here's to hoping 2012 is nothing but fabulousness for all of us!

    ETA: Ok, for a touch of the negative: I really hate my job and walking into the office every morning literally sucks the soul from my body. I need to seriously work on my physical fitness, and I'm a relatively financially careless person. ALL to be worked on in 2012!!
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    magic house


    Yay Hooray!:

    * Bought a house
    * Completed tons of renos myself
    * Able to afford windows and floors
    * New baby nephew in my birthday month
    * Another new baby in Feb to look forward to
    * Survived Baby Parade 2011 unscathed
    * Best friend adopted the most AMAZING DOG EVER
    * Secret favorite niece (3.5) told me I'm her best friend
    * Decemberists from 2nd row

    Fuck that shit:

    * Best friend's gramma died in January
    * My own gramma had debilitating stroke in February
    * Former student passed away in October
    * Bat in my wall
    * Still kinda fat

    But -- I am loved, I am healthy, I am blessed.
    ... here i am!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tully View Post
    But -- I am loved, I am healthy, I am blessed.
    So many of us are and we take it for granted. Thank you for the reminder!
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    2011 was the pits and I can't wait for this fucker to be DONE.

    Some of the shittiness was due to general loneliness from being separated from my friends and frustrations with living at home. Both of which suck. But, the only reason these two things are happening is because I have gone back to uni and on that front, 2011 was really a great success. 10 classes, 9 A's and 1 B (stupid statistics). 2 classes where I came first. General awakening of my brain and whole understanding and experience of the world in an academic sense. I only wish that was all more comforting than it is (I don't think I'll ever be happy until I have my actual degree).

    I did have two amazing friends come and visit me from overseas (possibly the saving grace of my mental state this year) and I think thats all the good stuff really. Oh no, actually, 2011 was the year that the epiphany of "what am I doing to do when I grow up" actually came into fruition, after chasing it for 16 or 17 years.

    But some really personal crap surrounding ex-boyfriends and ex-best friends and sick grandmothers has undoubtedly tarnished the entire year for me and is the overarching experience that makes me want to forget this year even existed. As someone so eloquently put it in another thread somewhere on unf, 2011 can suck my dick.

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    Had lots of good sex - still not a believer in monogamy
    Finally made a huge step up at work - still can't believe it took me that long to start working there
    Moved into my new appartement - and I love it there
    One of my best friends moved back to Germany - I knew it wouldn't last that long in Spain
    became a member here - and was lucky to witness Kate Borkowski and all the craziness before the release of NoH (was it ever that hillarious here?)

    My dad almost died
    Been close to Burn Out and depression, because I have worked so hard and because of my dad
    Realized that some friends are not as close to you as they pretend to be - especially when you need them the most
    Still haven't figured if I should use PayPal and how to become a premium member here - have to ask Ryan, I guess

    All in all, it was still a great year for me, especially because my dad recovered and I can be more than positive when it comes to 2012.
    Wish you people all the best for 2012!
    Here are many great people around and that makes it a very special place.
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    -Found a major that I love
    -Earned amazing grades that I never thought I'd earn again
    -Have professors that believe in me
    -Found my passion in life

    -My cat died two days before my birthday
    -A certain revelation you guys in TMP know about

    But despite those things, it's been an amazing year, and for the first time in at least three years, I'm happy, and I'm so grateful for that.

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    Oh lordy, what a year. Sold my house, ended a nearly 11 year relationship, got rid of a shit load of superficial fair-weather friends and am doing mighty fine. Better than I thought I would. My son and I are healthy and happy and my business has blossomed in an otherwise dismal economy. I'm very fortunate.
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    It was as awful as it was amazing... like such incomprehensible amounts of both ends of the spectrum that it's kind of hard to process.
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    It's been mostly positive for me this year. All when the economy still sucks, I somehow managed to stay afloat in a somewhat stable job environment. I did lose 2 coworkers when they found other jobs, and it was really rough holding down the fort without them there, but we've hired another person, it's gotten progressively better. Went through a couple of short term relationships. All along learning more about myself, and what will work and will not work for me in the future. I went on my first ever cruise to Mexico, and had a blast during it. I had a nice beach trip where my best friend since childhood and I got to lay out on the beach together for the first time ever. Began working out and becoming the most health-conscious I've ever been in my entire life. And lastly, but not least, I rescued a Maine Coon from an animal shelter in Georgia, and he's turned out to be the best cat I've ever had. A total plus in my life, and I look forward to waking up every morning to his cute face, and coming home, knowing that he's there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frangipani View Post
    It was as awful as it was amazing... like such incomprehensible amounts of both ends of the spectrum that it's kind of hard to process.
    That's exactly where I stand as well.

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    Let's see. Well.

    Relapsed about a month into the year and was in the hospital in New Jersey for a couple of weeks.
    Underwent a major soul search and figured out enough shit to start picking up the pieces from last fall.
    Said goodbye to my ex and told my other sorta-ex to fuck off.
    Did a lot of therapy, worked a lot, took time off school to figure out what I wanted to do.
    Met my boyfriend, who I've been with since early March.
    Had a lot of fun getting to rediscover my hometown, Minneapolis, and similarly had to say goodbye to New Jersey and New York.
    Transferred to a different Uni, moved (again), learned that I don't live alone great, and also learned not to take courses I care about in the wee hours of the morning if possible.
    So I guess, pretty good year? I don't know. I feel more whole and clear-headed than I ever have. I'm doing way better than I was doing in January.

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    There have been some majorly shitty points and some pretty awesome spots... but I always look forward to a new year.

    The economy has SUCKED!!! So...
    ... the Chiro I work for has had a rough year
    ... the husband was pink slipped and had a total freak-out (teacher... see below)
    Discovered my little brother is a crazy right-wing nutcase
    My "lady-parts" turned against me and I was convinced that my husband would leave me

    Husband FINALLY finished his payments to the ex-psycho/wife
    We finished paying off the car
    Husband got to keep his job
    We saw 2 new nieces and 1 nephew come into the world
    My 1st niece, Addie, turned a year old! (crazy, feel a bit old... my little brother has 2 kids?!?!?)
    Our nephew, Christopher, turns a year old on the 21st!
    The husband and I finally started talking about moving to the coast in 2 years!
    FINALLY went to the Dr for my "lady issues" and subsequent anxiety and depression
    ... as a result, sex life has improved
    And I have a wonderful family, mine AND my in-laws, that love us and support us.
    Also, I hit the 4 year mark at my job and got a $.50 raise! lol

    So it hasn't been that bad.
    You don't have to do everything all by yourself.

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    behind you!
    2011 is one big blur of unemployment for me so it can go fuck itself.

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